Why Your Elevator Speech Sucks And How To Fix It – Premium Package Secrets Ep. 6


I guess learning how to revitalize a title in to that which spurs intrigue and attention is key… once again awesome tidbits

What really got me here was the idea of "Anyone can have a certification. Anyone can have X years of experience no matter how good or bad they are. Anyone can be trained by Z. Everyone probably DOES have all of those things, so what makes you different other than the price?" If I don't state what result I'm selling, then why would anyone think about anything other than the price?

One of my favorite examples: Would anyone buy a drill if it couldn't drill a hole? Probably not. Then were you really selling the drill, or the hole?
"People don't buy the drill, they buy the hole."

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The 2 things blew my mind away. WOW!! The 2 things apply everywhere. In business In politics in religion in relationships. WOW. That's what separates the leaders from the followers. I'm buying the book in 2017.

How about this elevator pitch? I help men who feel insecured about their appreance by showing them how to dress with confidence

Construct your elevator speech by focusing on 2 things: 1. A problem they have and don't want. 2. A result they want and don't have.

The way we communicate what we do and the result it offers, will either attract or repel potential clients. Communication is key.

No 1: Take away from this video – A problem a client has that they don't want OR A result they want but don't have – are BOTH pain points. This makes it so easy to identify a clients pain points.

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Anyway, I am an avid lover of your great videos and I m learning a lot from your free videos, can't even guess what possibly I could get when I will come for HTC program.
Genuinely love you Dan and your teaching. Simply awesome.

Aha moment, learn my prospects problems and explain it better for them. I learn a lot from class but for some reason the makes it more clear. Thank you sifu Dan.

My biggest takeaway is that people find value in people that can sole their problems and give them results they want to obtain.

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