Why work at TAL? – Working at TAL – TAL Life Insurance

[Music]>>Arthur: The single best thing about working
at TAL is the people. Bar none – the people. [Caption: What’s the single best thing about
working at TAL?]>>Imran: The single best thing does boil
down to the people, and for me that’s the people I work with, the people who are part
of my team, and then also the people I work for.>>Arthur: There’s that sense of respect which
you don’t find in a lot of places.>>Ellen: The single best thing about working
at TAL, cliche as it might be, is the people. We have a great group of peole here; very
fun; very diverse, very experienced. A lot of people here at TAL, across Melbourne
and Sydney, have been here for a long time, and worked in many differnet roles across
the organisation.>>Imran: I guess that’s the common thread;
we tend to really care about eachother at a personal level, but also at a career level. [Caption: What’s your favourite TAL story?]>>Arthur: My favourite story about the business
is Jim’s story – Jim Minto, our Managing Director and CEO.>>Ellen: He is quite an inspiration to every
one who works here.>>Elizabeth: And I think it was just a few
weeks ago that TAL Was announced as the largest life insurer in Australia. And I think that’s such a fantastic story
to see the progress that they’ve made and the achievements that TAL’s made to get to
this position.>>Ellen: And he makes an immense effort to
know everybody in this business, and to know about every granular detail of this business. And he’s someone that people can look at as
sort of a shining light or a beacon of this is what I can do at TAL; this is my opportunity
and this is the opportunity that TAL presents me. [Caption: Find out more: tal.com.au/About-TAL/Working-At-TAL
] [TAL logo]

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