Why an Insurance Career?

Do you know what industry employs over two and a half million Americans in hundreds of different types of jobs? … is expecting four hundred thousand employees to retire? pays out around one Trillion dollars each year to help people and businesses get back on their feet? …contributes more than seven hundred Million dollars each year to charitable causes? That’s right. It’s the insurance industry. Each day, insurance professionals help people in all types of businesses prepare for and recover from calamities Risk management and insurance are are all about protecting lives and livelihoods from unfortunate events. So, why choose an insurance career? So one thing I that I love about Risk Management and Insurance is that I can use my passion in my work. As I’m heading into the industry, I’m learning about all different opportunities, and in the next coming 3 to 5 years, I will be able to specialize — specifically — in to what I enjoy. I got an internship, and really enjoyed that time, and saw how rewarding the work was: where you weren’t just in it trying to make money, you’re actually helping people out. What’s cool about working in insurance? The coolest part of my job is it’s always changing. I serve my client, I help transfer risk, I help mitigate risk. But I never do the same thing twice. There’s always new obstacles and new things I get to learn. So I always like doing that. The coolest part of my job is going to be the people I meet. It has given me a lot of avenues to travel, just see different things. But meeting the awesome people… and it’s really a relationship industry that’s given me a lot of opportunity. I enjoy what I do because the insurance industry is constantly changing, so you have to stay on top of all of the technology advancements… and continuously putting yourself out there to learn new material in order to stay relevant. In insurance, you get to work with all different people, all different companies; and there’s always something new. How is the industry different than you might expected? “One thing that really surprised me — coming into the insurance industry — — is I assumed it was a lot of black-and-white. Like, this is how the policy reads, this is what our market can cover. And I’m learning now that there’s a lot of gray area. It’s a huge amount of negotiations. You have to have communication skills and people skills. Are there good growth and advancement opportunities? Right now, there’s a need — a lot of the baby boomers are leaving… large, long-time relationships long-time clients they’ve had and they need someone to step in and fill that role… and provide excellent service and knowledge and expertise in the insurance world. Would you recommend employment in the insurance industry? I would absolutely recommend insurance for young people as they are looking to enter the industry. I think it’s something that stands the test of time, that doesn’t fluctuate with the economy as much as some of the other things. It’s not a commodity. It’s something that’s always going to be needed, so absolutely. There are lots of options for starting out in the a career in insurance Explore your options and talk to industry recruiters today. This video is a public service brought to you by your partners in insurance continuing education: IRMI and WebCE.


Great video!  Risk management is the cornerstone to my practice.  The best plan in the world can be wiped out with one event if not properly protected.

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