White Pages Premium Opt Out Of Public Record – Spencer Coffman

Hey guys Spencer Coffman here we’ve got a
request on how to remove your information from white pages premium that’s another variation
of white pages so today that’s what we’re going to tackle to get started just go to
premium white pages dot-com and you’ll want to go to the Terms of Service so you can either
find that way down at the bottom of the page in the footer and click on their link or you
can simply click on the link down in the item description of this video so you can check
out that link and it’ll take you right here this is what it’s going to look like you’re
gonna scroll down to number eight so it’s just all the way down here okay number eight
and you’ll see here it says opt-out policy you can read all this or you can simply click
on the nice blue this link now this link will also be in the video description below so
you could go directly there and not have to go through this first step if you like now
this link will open up and it says how can we help you over here on the left you’re gonna
click how do I remove my information again this link will also be in the video description
so you could skip the previous two steps and click on this alone you will be taken to yet
another page so they don’t make this easy for you when you’re here you can read all
about how to remove your information and what to submit and then you can go here to the
support request page now this link will also be in there so the bottom line is to remove
your information from the premium white pages or white pages premium just click on the final
link in the video description and it will take you right here to the spot where you
can remove your listing and what you will do is leave this as I need to edit or remove
a listing if you had any other trouble you can select from here otherwise leave it like
that enter in your email address the subject so remove my listing or please remove my listing
enter in a description so just type out a little message to them saying why you want
your listing removed then as in with regular white pages and all of the other opt-out requests
that we have done you need to put in the URL of your personal information now the very
important aspect is you need to provide the URL from the regular white pages because white
pages and white pages premium is different now it says this in their Terms of Service
and in all those other pages the one prior on how to remove your listing to submit the
regular URL however to be safe what I would do is provide both URLs even though they are
linked because a lot of times if you remove it from white pages regular it will still
show up on white pages premium which tells me that they aren’t linked like they say they
are so what I would do is submit this once with the white pages regular URL and then
do it again with the premium URL a couple days later that way if you send them right
away they might think it’s kind of like a spam deal and then they just still ignore
you so send it in with both URLs click Submit and you’ll be good to go and that is how you
can remove it from white pages premium now again if there are any other requests any
other sites you guys find with public records on them or information and you want to figure
out how to remove them go ahead and drop it in the comments below I’ll take a look and
find a tutorial make a video for you until next time you

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