What’s the Difference Between Term and Permanent Life Insurance? | Allstate Life Insurance

Life doesn’t come with any guarantees… that’s
why there’s life insurance. Life insurance can help provide financial security for the
people you care about if you are gone. If you pass away, a life insurance payment
can help your loved ones cover medical bills, funeral costs, mortgage or rent, college tuition,
and many other living expenses. Life insurance policies typically fall into
two categories: term insurance or permanent insurance. Which type of life insurance policy
is right for you? A term life insurance policy is like renting
a home. You choose the length of time – the ‘term’ of the policy – and the amount
of coverage, and your payments stay the same until the end of your term.
Once your term policy expires, you may have the option to renew your policy with higher
premiums or apply for a new life policy. Some policies even allow you to convert to a permanent
policy. A permanent life insurance policy is more
like buying a home. It offers lifelong protection, the ability to build cash value, and the flexibility
to adjust your policy if needed. With each payment you make to a permanent
life insurance policy, part of your premium goes toward insuring your life, and part goes
toward building cash value… that can be used to take out a loan, make a withdrawal,
or even skip a payment. Loans or partial withdrawals can reduce the policy’s cash value and death
benefit, increase the possibility of policy lapse and may result in a tax liability. Consult
a tax advisor for more information on the tax treatment of loans or withdrawals from
a life insurance policy. Have questions about which life insurance
policy is right for you? Contact your local Allstate agent today.


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