What Will Change in Your Lifetime? | 0-100

[ Soft music plays ] -What do you hope
to see change in your lifetime? -What would I like
to see change? -I mean, I think I’m afraid of, like, some changes
that might come. Um, you know,
robots taking over. -The transportation system. -I don’t want to drive anymore. Let’s have cars drive us. -I’d like to see flying cars. -Like, even have lanes up there
and everything. -Yeah, I think flying cars
could wait. I’m not a fan of “The Jetsons”. [ Laughter ] -The world
is getting really crowded and we need to expand. -I really, really like space. -I would go to the moon
tomorrow. -It would put into context
how small we really are and probably make
a really big difference in how people treat each other. -I hope that, when I’m old and gray, that the world is less obsessed
with technology. -One of my really
close friends — I feel like I just
have to tell her, “Can you please put
your cellphone down?” ‘Cause she doesn’t even,
like, make eye contact with me sometimes. -Any change that’s coming, I hope that we spin it
in a positive way. -A very simple cure to cancer where all someone
has to do is take, like, a cough drop. -The school system is so rigid, and if you don’t fit in a box,
you get left behind, and so many kids
drop out or flunk out. -I hope to see race
relations change. -Let go of that programming that we have to judge people
by their outward appearances. -That people can look past
the external sex, gender, race, sexual orientation,
ability, or disability. -Any type of “ism”. I don’t like when people
put people in categories. -One is racism.
Kill it and kill it dead. -Stereotypes. Like, I’m put
in the blond stereotype, and I’m not like that. -Getting rid of, like,
“These people do this and that people do that,”
because, you know, I’ve seen it all. -If they took the time
to see the inside, you realize how much
alike we are. -What I hope to see change
is all this hate, war. -We could all just, like, stop
fighting each other right now. We could. -I think I want people
to get along better. Don’t cut me off on the 101, or open the door for me, or say “Thank you”,
or say “Hello”. -Just compassion and love
and understanding. -Care about each other more. -To smile and make new friends. -That will go a long way in
making the world a better place.


respect and its always so loving to watch these videos it always makes me smile laugh and all and im all with this and im gonna push for this also peace love compassion respect equalty for all stop the hate and debate its all about sharing love and support thank you 🙂

money to be taken out of politics and prevent rigged elections/media bias etc I.e. Hillary Clinton right now.

Often when I watch these videos I wonder:
Wow, are all these people just really amazing individuals, or do a majority of us think like this – All striving towards the want for a common compassion and understanding, but since we don't talk about it openly enough, we get hurt and make people into monsters that they are not?

I would love to see discrimination and inequality become a thing of the past.

Also, anyone reading this, I'm looking for some honest feedback on my channel so that I can continue to grow as a content creator. If you're willing to stop by my channel and let me know what you think I'd really appreciate it! Thanks and have a great day!

No more apathy, no more government dependency and more folks taking personal responsibility for their needs and wants.

I'd like to see no change.
matter of fact, change is grounded till we clean up the mess we are in.
you want change, then show it by taking care of what you already have.


The greatest change that would ever happen would be if everybody served God and served him faithfully. Living life like Christ intended us to (:

I would like to see people functioning as a community. Right now, individuals keep to themselves and always seem to be operating under a mindset of "what can you do for me?" I rode Caltrain for 2 years and not once did a random person strike up a conversation. But in fairness, even I felt that initiating something would come off as intrusive. It sucks to live in a society where people are constantly defensive, expecting the worst of any stranger.

I have to say, I was considering unsubscribing to this channel, just because I feel generally my interests are elsewhere. But these 0-100 videos are actually so great I just want to stay subscribed to these as soon as they come out 🙂
I luff these, keep it up!

I wish violence was less promoted. Less violence and suffering in films, news, commercials. We are used to watching violence and then it seems to be normal…. And also music videos use image of beautiful, famous girls who are suffering, good-looking couples are fighting and throwing subjects on each other. This is sick 🙁

I wish there was less violence and that everyone was equal and people will be more generous and nicer! Like smile when you make eye contact with people and try to help others instead of being each other down! I also wish that wars will never happen again and cancer will be cured

interesting how much narcissism was displayed here. lot of of complaints. as Ghandi said" be the change you want to see in the world"

Yes to all the above and also to the increase of reasoned, critical thinking which hopefully does away with every negative aspect in religions.

Thank you for continuing to post great videos! The combination of positivity and reality you bring is unparalleled.


Except the cure for cancer bit which is reasonable, feasable and actually would help. All the other stuff is wishful thinking.

Guys, your videos are just amazing! I'm from Brazil and I think everybody in the world should know SoulPancake, cause you rock! Congrats

Hope that people will be less involved with technology? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT A JOKE! Technology is the only thing that will give us a better quality of life because it has!

Thank you! 🙂 We are working on #BreakingBias and we are grateful so many of your presenters share our vision. Keep inspiring.

Life after death, higher power that is different from th unfair one in these religion books… 🙁 finding proof for these two will make my life worth living , since I won't see life pointless 🙁

Cure for cancer and everything that makes us suffer …. I wish to see love being having the power not evil not bad people just love and kindness for all

I just wish that one day I can post a youtube comment without starting a pointless argument.

I agree with colonization of space. It, to me at least is plausible and in the process would unite humanity under one banner which, if we look at history, is when we all share a common goal(or enemy) we tend to drop a lot of our hate for one another.

i cant stand when black people say that white people are racist and then on vine black people make vines like white people be like or say stereotypes like white people are weak and that they are scared of black people

perspective on lgbt community, flying hover boards, flying cars, more female cooks and writers and soldiers

The cure of cancer has been found, cancer patients spend thousands of dollars…. I don't think they'll want that to leave


I would like to see all countries stop fighting wars and killing other people. In human history, too many people have died, too many people have lost people that they loved, and too much money has been wasted because of war.

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