What is Premium Text Messaging?

I’m Derek Johnson with tatango.com, and I’m
answering the question, “What is premium text messaging?” So premium text messaging, nowadays, is more
of a thing of the past. December 2013, the carriers completely got
rid of premium text messaging, so it’s no longer kind of like a thing that is actually
around in its old form. So what it used to be is a brand was able
to run text messaging campaigns and be able to charge for those text messaging campaigns
and put that charge on a consumer’s wireless phone bill. So you can remember back in the day, you download
a ringtone via text message or sign up for “joke of the day”, but then they would charge
you, you know, 9.99 a month for those jokes. And that charge would be kind of put into
the cell phone bill, and you wouldn’t really realize it because most people aren’t looking
through their cell phone bill that much. So, so many consumers got so mad at this. It became such a big problem that back in
December of 2013, the carrier said no more premium messaging. Now, there is still premium messaging for
certain industries like political donations, you can add a charge to a cell phone bill. Non-profits can still do it. But the old version of premium messaging where
it was very spammy, where you were downloading little content or jokes of the day, all that
type of messaging has gone away since 2013. So hopefully that answers the question for
you, “What is premium text messaging?”

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