What is Medical Payments Coverage? | Ask Schultz & Myers

Hi, I’m attorney Josh Myers. Today I want
to talk to you about an issue which is you’ve slipped or fell and hurt yourself on someone
else’s property and the insurance company has told you that they’re gonna pay for your
medical bills. So, the question is “now that the insurance
company is paying for medical bills, does that mean they are accepting fault for my
injuries?” And, generally, the answer to that is no. What most people don’t realize, and what the
insurance companies don’t generally there is a type of coverage which usually applies
on every property that’s called medical payments coverage. And medical payments coverage is a type of
insurance coverage that reimburses you for your medical bills if you get hurt on that
property regardless of whether anyone was at fault, or if anyone was negligent, anything
like that. So If i come over to your house, and I fall,
break my ankle, your insurance company will reimburse me for my medical bills up to a
specified amount. Usually $1,000-$3,000. And, so when you get hurt on someone’s property
and the insurance company says “hey we’ll pay for your medical bills” DON’T assume that
means that they are accepting liability, or assume that they are recognizing that it was
someone else’s fault for your injuries and they’ll be somehow paying you more money later. All they’re doing is paying you under that
medical payments coverage. Now, a lot of times, they won’t tell you that
because they want you to think that they are accepting liability and that there’ll be more
money to come down the road for pain and suffering, loss of wages, things like that. They want you to believe that. They think,
if you’re under that assumption, you wont hire an attorney right away and they want
you to stretch that out as long as possible and make all these little mistakes along the
way. All the little land mines that they look for people to fall into. Just because the insurance company is paying
your medical payments under the medical payments coverage, again it’s usually just a small
amount and will cap out at or 2 thousand dollars. That doesn’t mean that there’s more coming
down the line. They will not gratuitously just offer you money like that. If you ever have any questions about such
a situation or anything i’ve said today, always feel free to call us. Our number is easy to
remember it’s 314.444.4444. or email [email protected]

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