What is Home Liability Coverage? – GEICO Insurance

This is home liability coverage unpacked.
One of the best parts of having your own place is sharing it with the people you
care about From birthday parties to barbecues,
chances are that you’ll have guests over But no matter if you live in a house,
condo, or apartment accidents happen. A simple slip could
turn into a trip to the hospital, and you could be held responsible for the
medical expenses That’s where personal liability coverage
can help. If the injury happens because of your negligence, insurance can help
pay for their medical bills. Typically liability coverage is purchased as part
of a larger homeowners or renters insurance policy. Liability coverage also
can help if your pet bites a guest and they sustain an injury. Just remember
that your coverage will only pay up to the policy coverage limit. You may be
responsible for the difference after that. Hosting is fun but the best parties
are the ones you’re prepared for

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