What if you die today?| Every Life Insurance Agent Ever | Based on a True Story

*switches on TV* *insurance ad plays on TV* dont know what keeps playing on TV these days *door bell rings * (irritated)who is this now *door bell continuously rings* Namaste Sir! Guddu Mishra from LIP LIP? What LIP? Sir? You have not watched the ad on TV? “You will die..We will Remain” Oh the life insurance policy ad? but i did not call you? SIr..i got your details from the landlord Sir I will take 5 minutes only but i dont want this give me 5 minutes sir..your life is in danger (reluctantly) ok come in thank you sir sit please sir..please sit..feel at home come sit sir sir..this is my card..Guddu Mishra sir…so i will begin! if you die today! what will happen to your family? but why will i die? why will you not die? there are so many viral diseases , dengue ,cholera you can catch anything but i am quite healthy leave that do you have any bad habits? any bad habits? your friends must be having bad habits? yeah….so?? how much time will it take you to get addicted on peer pressure? you will addicted on peer pressure in no time you will also pick it up soon you will die then anything can happen leave that…what work do you do sir? i am an electric engineer (shocked) engineering??? dramatic shocking statements what engineering again? electrical..i told you so ELECTRICAL ENGINEER?!!!! why what happened? sir you can get a short circuit..you will die for sure you can get a short circuit at any time, there are so many wires lying around there is safety precautions… what is there in safety? safety is there today not there tomorrow what will happen to you..what will happen to your family? (starts crying) think about them…what are you working in engineering? but..why are you shouting at me..?? sorry sir i got emotional about your wife and kids but I AM NOT MARRIED YET! so what wife and kids? accha you are not married??? i pray you die after you get married only why will i die after marriage?? that is what i have been trying to make you understand..you are not leave that what are your work timings? 12- 14 hours..sometimes a lot of tension and stress you must be experiencing? well i think that happens to everyone i will tell you what diseases are due to tension..hold on (removes list) from tension you get..heart diseases..asthma obesity..you can get fat! but i go to the gym and cardio *shocked* you go to the gym? you can get injured on the treadmill you can get a heart attack while running when the heart attack happens..what will happen to your wife and ki…when you get wife and kids what will happen to them? have you ever thought about this? listen to my idea sir.. take our insurance! we will cover your life i will tell you after you die..how your family can get 1 crore rupees (shocked) 1 crore??? how much is the payment? i am a man of God, i do not believe is high instalments , it will just be 10 lakhs a year (shocked) 10 lakhs??but my salary is also not that much sir..we have an EMI scheme as well yesterday i met with salman khan (bollywood star) he asked me in his style what i do? sir ..i told him i secure lives..he told me i am doing work of God (house maid) bhaiya the tea is ready…ok sir..is that your maid? yes why? does she have life insurance? i dont really know please give her my business card sir…ill show you something..this is an actress on my wallpaper who took a 10 crore premium just yesterday 10 crores can you imagine? but they are rich people ofcourse they can she is not working right now sir but still she got the insurance dont worry about a thing, i will take care of your life , you just sign here (pulls hand to sign) dont worry about a thing sir..i will take care of you , your wife and your kids thank you sir..Guddu Mishra..remember me


Hahaha…too goodπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ROFL
Also sent it to my dad coz he always suggests me to get a life insurance…great work guys

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Being an agent, I really liked this video. Very funny but whatever he told is exactly ho saktha hai..😊😊😊😊😊.

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