What Happens In One Lifetime?

The global life expectancy is 74.1 years but in the US it’s a bit higher at 78.6 This amounts to 28,689 days or 2478700000 seconds alive on Earth. So what can happen in that time? You produce 0.4 millilitres of saliva per minute and 0.15 – 1 liter per day. That means in a life time you can fill anywhere between 180 to 360 bath tubs full of spit Men cry an average of 1 time per month and women 2.7 times, giving you an average of 1745 good cries per lifetime The average adult is not getting their 10000 steps in as the average US adult takes 5100 steps per day. But in a lifetime it ends up being a pretty impressive 146801 steps. If the average stride length is 0.71 metres then you’ll walk around the length of the equator around 2.6 times. Men are continually making new sperm producing 10 to 10 trillion sperm cells in a lifetime and people generally start having sex around age 16 to 17 The baby boomers have had an average of 11 sexual partners but milleannias are only excpected to have around 8 sexual partners throughout their lives. From the ages 20 to 60, it’s estimated to learn 1 to 2 new words per day with an average total of 42 thousand words. This number declines as we age and is likely related to our brain decaying at a rate of 5% per decade after the age of 40. The average person 15 years or older in the US works 7.9 hours per day and with the average day of retirement being 63, you’ll spend around 16 years in total at the office. But are you really working or just looking at memes? One study found that young adults use their phones 5 hours per day and check their phone at 30 second burst 85 times per day. when you do the maths that adds up to about 13 years on your phone. That doesn’t even include Netflix where subscribers upwards of 500 hours per year streaming content, which means at this rate you’d spend around 4.5 years watching Netflix. In your lifetime you might be a millionaire with the average bachelor degree holder earning 1.8 million and those with a collage degree earning 1.1 million. Of your fortune alcohol consumption accounts for about 0.9% of annual income with 515 spent on alcohol per year. Per day men sleep about 496.4 minutes and women sleep for 507.6 minutes on average a statistically significant 11 minutes more than men which means more than a third of your life is spent snoozing. But even when you’re awake we spend 10% of our day with our eyes closed as the average person blink 28,800 times per day or 15 to 20 blinks per minute. By the age of 30 you’ll likely get the flu twice every decade. The incidence may decrease as medicine continues to improve but may also increase because of the amount of time indoors A study in the journal of nichore found that we spend 87% of our lives indoors and 6% in a vehicle The Earth, which you are currently standing on will travel 73 billion 800 hundred 84 million kilometres in your lifetime. So no mater what happens, you’ve travelled billions of kilometres through space and that’s pretty cool. Thank you so much for watching now you know what happens in 1 lifetime, you can also find out what happens in 1 minute in the end of the video which we will link to over there it is equally as fun. And is actually 1 minute long. Literally Subscribe to ASAPscience for more weekly science videos you can follow us on instagram and twitter but if not we’ll see you next week. Peace.


Actually it’s 1,310,395,477,248 kilometers you forgot to factor the suns speed around Sagittarius A

Well then I guess we only have 1 year to live in total and I ain't spending it in school

Let’s round that 1745 cries into 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 cries

Americans don't become older than Europeans and Asian s and stuff Americans are average to fat

At the part where it's telling you how far you'll travel through space, what about how far the solar system and galaxy etc. travels. That increases the number by quite a bit.

If people get the flu 2 times per decade,I'm during 10 soon,but ive had somewhere around 7 times so far. LIES!!

God did you mean 2.7 every 10 minutes. I’m a woman and I have depressing stuff. Take your period as an example…

Umm, ASAP science, I’m pretty sure it’s actually 2.4787 BILLION. Not trillion, a trillion seconds is 30,000 years..

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