What Factors May Affect Your Car Insurance Premium? | Allstate Insurance

A car insurance premium is what you pay regularly
to keep your policy in force. But have you ever wondered what affects that
cost? Let’s look at some of the factors that may
affect your premium. First, there’s the car itself. Some types cost more to insure than others. Then there’s your driving record, including
accidents. Another factor? The amount you drive your car. Where you live — and where you park your
car — may also affect your premium. Your age — and years of driving experience
— may also have an impact. The type of coverage you choose affects your
premium. Coverages that may be optional, like collision
or comprehensive, cost extra. One last thing to keep in mind: Limits and
deductibles affect the cost of your policy. You may be able to adjust your limits and
deductibles on some types of coverage. A local agent can help you further adjust
your policy so it fits your needs and your budget.

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