Weber® One-Touch® Premium & Weber® Master-Touch® GBS® BBQ: How To Build Guide

Hi my name is Russell I’m the owner of
Riverside Garden Centre and today I am gonna build the Weber One Touch Premium 57cm in black. Just to show you how easy it is
and simply by opening the box. I’m not going
to bore you with all the details have taken everything out so we will cut some that filming that
we’re doing today so it just simplifies it but give you the key points that you
need to know and looking at the instructions making sure you’ve got all your component parts and stage by stage number one, two, three and four and it continues on to the barbecue finally built and it is a very easy
barbecue to build. Right so we’re at the stage now to start
building the Weber One Touch Premium barbecue, taken all the bits out of the box and this is the big stumbling block
which most people have and this is the simplest thing to put on
the barbecue so you simply locate this is the ring holder which will hold
the ash catcher and it’s just literally making sure that your cooling kit is running nicely on the side there
and just simply locate the lugs and there you are, it’s sprung it’s ready to go. So the second stage in
the manual, number two is locating the wheels onto the bottom
frame now this, this can be difficult if you
don’t get it right and it’s very important following instructions at this point. You have, two main struts and it’s important to make sure that
those struts are going in at that angle. So simply locate the peg like so and then pulling these two little stops out here and Weber a very generous because they give you a third one of these, which locate the wheel which I haven’t got, there’s the wheel, sorry. Simply put the wheel over there like that, and this is the locator and you simply have a little hammer and
tap this on, like so. Do the same again the other side and not forgetting the wheel which I almost did and can I just say that it is getting very hot today we’re up to the temperatures
about 26, the cameraman is already down to his underpants. So I do apologize if I’m gonna be
sweating a lot but it is very, very hot. right, that is stage two quite simple, if you’ve made the mistake that’s why Weber give you an extra one of these in the bag because you cannot get that off
without damaging it so you would need that as the spare. Now we’re going to go onto stage five. Which is now locating the legs into the main structure of the barbecue again, look at your instructions
see where the lid hangs and then that will show you where the legs go which are simply located at this point and this point. Push them in, they’re located in there
nicely. Right so we are now on stage six, you have a little rubber bung there which you simply put
onto the bottom of the leg and i’ll put at the right end, sorry and there’s a little hole in the side there which you can just about make out and you locate that over there like that and simply push that in. And that now has locked that in that’s all nice and solid. Simply lift that up and your barbecue is now almost built and that’s taken less than about five minutes. Instructions
will also be for the Weber Master Touch as well as the Weber Premium. We’re now at stage eight so just simply locating the ash catcher into place, it’s quite simple and now we’re ready to go to stage nine to locate the grates which I should put
further down so you can see. Now we have the charcoal grate, always be careful
with this it’s got a bit of oil on it so it gets on your fingers. Locate that down there and as a normal standard thing Weber provide these charcoal dividers, which are absolutely
fantastic. by simply locating them in the sides like that. this allows you, especially when you are doing indirect cooking to place your charcoal here and then you
put a nice drip pan which they provide you with one in the box. Perfect when you’re cooking a joint of meat and then your top, cooking grate which now comes with the gourmet grate, which is what we
provide at Riverside. I don’t think any other
companies provide that and this is a fantastic product I’m just gonna quickly show you this
just remind you how good this product is it allows you to use all the gourmet
system. If you’re cooking a steak, that is
fantastic it gets such an intense heat it’s perfect searing
those steaks and specially when you want them really rare. Then the fish, I love cooking fish on the barbecue and this is perfect for that, the scallops any other fish salmon, eggs and bacon, perfect for that and then
when you finish with that simply remove and then put it back
and you’ve got a normal cooking grate. Right so the next stage is stage ten which is simply putting the handle onto the lid. Weber always have the nuts onto the handle they’re already there
so you just simply undo them and simply place this in the two holes holding it up
this and they provide you with a little
plastic spanner. Don’t over tighten these because it is porcelain-enamel and there’s your handle on there, and then we’re into stage eleven where locating in the thermostat again very, very
easy. You have a little washer there and that is located like that, sits on the thing hold that just be a bit careful when you
locating all this the handle and the thermometer on the lid because it is porcelain you don’t want to drop on the floor and get damaged but, it’s done at such a
high temperature it will last you for years
as long as it’s not dropped and that stage, is the easiest stage of building the Weber One Touch Premium 57cm bbq. Right so the final stages of this is twelve and thirteen. Just simply by placing these handles on there and the great thing is that they’ve now
got these those slots in there great for the tool hanger so if you’ve got your tools you havn’t got to worry about where you locate them anymore and it simply is putting it on like that making sure the Weber name is, on the
upright position cause there’s nothing worse in Weber being upside down. I’m sure it’s not going to bother many people but I like to see it right and you have one back and front and again simple procedure this is the great bit of building the Weber One Touch Premium bbq because you know you’re almost finished and it’s time to start cooking. I think this is one of the best
barbecues built. It’s absolutely brilliant and we are certainly
proud to be selling it. And the final stage which is number fourteen is simply I like to work at this kind of level nice an easy not bending down and on the
floor is locate the wheels the wheel covering. Simply push them in like that Very easy to build and don’t forget we are
in contact with you as the customer all the time through Youtube through our own website any help you need just ring us, where here seven days a
week. We’ll always help you but this hopefully
will show you how easy this Weber One Touch Premium bbq is to build. Thank you for listening don’t forget,
order today and this will be with you tomorrow. Thank


    You make me want to fly to England to visit you and your store. I sincerely wish I could buy my Weber Kettle grill from you. Your enthusiasm and passion about your job and product is intoxicating. As an American, I can honestly say we have lost our way when it comes to work ethic and customer service. You are awesome and if I ever take a vacation to the UK, I will be visiting your store.
P.S. On a side note, very instructional video. Clear, concise, and easy to follow!

I'm about to unbox my new Weber Master Touch. Sure glad I found your video! You did a great job with the instructions. Thanks for posting it!

I bought a master touch from you today … this video was the tipping point you and a same price competitor.

Thank you for this video. I bought one, brought it home and it sat in the garage for a couple of weeks until I found your video. You made it look so easy, and it was. Again thank you.

I'm sure this is going to simple for me to put together later this morning, but I'm confused on why there's dislikes for the video. Was there something he said that someone didn't understand maybe?…

customer service at riverside is top notch. It makes buying from distance stress free when a retailer gets customer service right.

ref the new Summit,
i have been in conversation with an American you tube reviewer who had issues with the smoke seal and was getting no where with weber support despite previous great relations, i was in the market for a summit but if weber support was pretty much useless in the U S for the product then how would i stand with warranty and support if i bought one from yourself here in the uk
there is no way a seal on a summit should have dropped and leaked badly the whole point of an egg type system is to use for long , slow controlled smokes as i'm sure you know and even one of their own promo videos extols the fantastic seal (yrt support obviously havnt watched the video i guess )

so what is your take on leaky seals etc if i came to you and it was an issue ? (leaking smoke is leaking heat after all )


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