Watch live: House votes on articles of impeachment against President Trump


It's naive to think that democrats do not want to listen or to show their proof of Tramp's guilty. They are protecting their personal gains to launder American people's money thru Ukraine. Greedy clowns, poor country.

Trump has been impeached by the house, nothing new they have been trying to do that since he has been elected. Senate will not let this fly. Democrats would of had a better chance had they been fair. Im not a Trump supporter, but not that hard to see the Democrats hate Trump more than they love America.

Since Trump was impeached for telling Congress to take him to court, and the dems said that was obstruction, why isn't it obstruction of Nancy doesn't transmit the articals to the senate. Especially since she wants a quid pro quo to send them?

Trump may or may not get impeached but I can honestly say that the USA is not ready for a democratic president. If we don’t want Trump and we don’t want the democratic line up, then what are we the people suppose to do🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️. Most democrats voted for Donald Trump in 2016 but it’s not talked about😳🤦🏼‍♂️👨🏽‍🦲👨🏾‍🦲🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

Lol. Delay a removal from office? Why? 😆🤣😂… Its like watching a cat playing with a rat before squashing it like a fly🐱🐀

Everyone who voted for impeachment should be tried for treason. Because, impeachment without an actual crime is a crime. Wishful thinking on behalf of those who voted for impeachment dose not constitute a crime.

DO you guys remember the good old days? You know, back when impeachment was so important that the Democrats rushed the process through, and denied Republicans their right to call witnesses, ask questions, have a day of hearings ( as required by law), and denied the president any legal representation or recognition of the judiciary role.

Well, those were certainly the good old days, because after all of that kinetic energy, Nancy Pelosi has decided to sit on the articles of impeachment. Could it be the case is too weak? Could it be this is all a sham? I sure do miss the good old days, things sure made more sense back then.

What say you?


So "this" is what the Salem Witch Trials were like. 🙄

We get a real life "Live" re-enactment!! 🤔
Damn, democrats frickin cannibals of humanity.😡




Oh shut up fake news! ! Slamming Pelosi is the least of what she gets. A rope around her neck is what she deserves.

Pelosi needn't worry if the senate will be "fair"- I have no doubt the senate will be every bit as "fair" as the house democrats were.

The Republican Representatives that are lawyers should face penalties for their lies in the floor of the House.
Trump is not their client!
The American people they represent are being misled and lied to by them.
Their Bar Associations should be penalizing them.
Disgusting, misleading, divisive, unconstitutional statements one after the other.

All that money spend on this could have helped so many homeless people and families of our great military. There is absolutely nothing here I cannot believe this. What a waste of time , energy and money. Not to mention the senate is all republican. It will never pass.

Impeach Donald Trump, get him out of office!
1. How can Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tahlib and the Muslims take over the Country with Donald Trump in office.
2. With Trump in office how can Pelosi, Watters, Feinstein and 50% of Congresspeople explain how they became millionaires on a government salary?
3. How can Democrats destroy the 1st, 2nd and 5th amendments with Trump in office.
4. How can Warren, AOC and the Democrat candidates turn this Country into a Socialist graveyard like Venezuela with Trump in office.
5. Damn it, this Guy Trump with his damn wall is making it hard for George Soros and the UN to overrun this Country with illegal aliens.
6. Damn, Trump is not buying OPEC oil like before, Trump is doing tariffs with China, we've got to stop this guy.
7. Damn, Trump didn't fight Korea, Iran, Syria or Turkey like we thought. Even apologetic little Barack destabilized Egypt and Iraq, fortified ISIS, Barack destroyed Libya, Syria and Yemem. Damn Trump.
Impeach Trump,
8. America can't stand lower taxes, and median family income going up. America can't stand record Stock Markets, 401Ks going up and higher Consumer confidence. Please, Democrats , Impeach Trump before America becomes great again.

How can Trump get impeached if Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer can't agree on how to deliver the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. Nancy wants Greg Brady to deliver them on his bike. Chuck wants Forest Gump to run it over. Here's Why: (Video of Greg losing his dad's architectural blue prints)

Trump will not be removed from office. He really didn't do anything hugely wrong. This is just like Bill Clinton getting a BJ, which was not good, but not anything to remove from office. It's all partisan politics. No way democrats can get 67 votes from the senate. Maybe 54 votes max….IF they can get a couple to cross party lines. What a waste of taxpayer money…lol.

At 13:26, did you notice the male present goes and says all the misleading claims, and some that are downright false, why didn't he present something proving this? No? Let's see… make an accusation, put it in the head of the sheeple, and let it sit, often unnoticed, so that even if everything is true, they will think it's not…

WOW not even a single Republican thought it was a good idea to investigate, backed up by witnesses and the Intelligence community, his alleged crimes further. 0 to 230. That is a Cult, mates. Not even a single different opinion? How is this not coordinated? We have over here in Lithuania a special Government-DA Institution that works only on Corruption Crimes, kinda like FBI but the scope is limited to Corruption by Government officials and employees. Recently most Senior Judges' offices were raided because of strong suspicion and evidence that they were letting the criminals go for a fee. Many of them now have even resigned voluntarily or were fired by the President, who has that power. It is a great debate going on here about it. While in Republican American it's 0 to 230. Not even CCCP Stalin could pull those numbers. What a disgrace!

we should also investigate all those impeaching him starting with Obama. Obama did the same things too. he got away with it.

He didn't abuse his power at all. He used it to keep us American people safe. And because people want to see him have his downfall SOO bad. They let these people vote on weather a person is good enough. But Trump has done more then enough. He kept our borders safe. And kicked these Illegal freeloaders out.. He's only the bad guy when people don't get THEIR way.. You're not always going to get your way. Life isn't meant to be fair.. We need to stop letting these ignorant people vote others out of office.. It's pathetic, his term is nearly up.. What are you gaining? His term was literally almost up. Impeach him… At least he didn't lie to the world, like Bill Clinton did.. We all know why this is happening. People hate him and wanna see his downfall. At least we know Trump wouldn't lie about. Cheating on his wife to the whole world just to look good. He married a model, not a Ping-pong PIZZA. loving creep who loves to take trips on the Lolita Express.. And kills people to cover up their dark tides to Rich and powerful Pedophile. Jeffrey Epstein… What's in your closet Podesta? What's in your closet Clinton's?? Yet no investigation. When we have all the evidence.. We have the code words, we have the tides. Yet Bill was untouched.. Even though Logs prove he was on the Lolita Express. Up to 10 times with the Prince as well.. That's what we need to focus on. The real issues with real evidence. Not someone's downfall and putting someone down in office.. After them changing the economy.. And uniting families. And PUTTING OUR PEOPLE FIRST. Even Putin thinks this is a stupid and unnecessary joke.. His term was nearly up. Literally nearly up.. Bill Clinton actually abused his power. He literally was bootycheeks close to Jeffrey Epstein.. But when he was convicted he acted like he barely knew him. Or barely seen him.. Yet evidence show, he's lying…

I feel like current US politics is more messed up and wacky than 1930's French politics were. I mean look at it – it's like watching a circus comedy act

There needs to be a law that congressmen will only be elected to one term of say 12 years. That way, they don't have to worry about being re-elected, and therefore can vote their minds without fear of backlash from their constituents, party, and/or the President.

There needs to be a law that congressmen will only be elected to one term of say 12 years. That way, they don't have to worry about being re-elected, and therefore can vote their minds without fear of backlash from their constituents, party, and/or the President.

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This is not just some affair trump had , this is some serious charges , when he is not president , he could possibly be charged with crimes

No impeachment has happened. The resolution was voted on, but it was not communicated or filed… Nothing is recorded until that transfer actually happens, and it won't happen. Null and void.

Nancy Pelosi you will have to pay for the Hate you have created at Christmas family against family in America you have lost your way!

It’s hilarious watching Republicans acting like they care about average Americans, maybe some of them do but their solution to our Health Care system is non existent, We need someone like Bernie in office after watching what is going in the UK

Hello all of Americans, this impeachment is unjust, cause President Trump is doing always his best for American future, He was fighting with communist China, cause Chinese communist party is the most unjust and dangerous country in the world, I know 100% how is China cause I’m from kazakhstan next to the China, over 3 years Chinese communist party has illegally arrested to the concentration camps 3000000 of Uyghur and 1000000 of Kazakhs and communist party has torchered them and raped the women, also communist party has installed video cameras in everybody’s room, these all how Chinese communist party broke the human rights, China is before invade another country they show their fake face, I don’t know why Democratic Party is supported communist system or I think there’s Chinese spy in our government, Let’s support our President Donald Trump, I love USA 🇺🇸 and I love all of Americans, American future is as my future, that’s why I do worry, I always do my best for American Future!

Its so sad that a group of people can break countless laws though out an untold number of years and when the president calls them out on it he gets impeached, but the saddest part is how many people are ignorant enough to think this a good idea.


You could research all the Presidents since 1960 and find they all did some sort of quid pro quo with foreign governments. Don't be so naive about things. There's a reason certain people want Trump removed, and it's not because of phone calls. Fact is, a lot of big fish will lose a fortune when their Congressional gravy train is cut off. Pelosi is one of those.

President Donald Trump won't be "officially impeached" until the House actually transmits their Articles of Impeachment to the Senate – and yet, even after the long-delayed vote, Slurred-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi refuses to do just that… There is no impeachment folks. Bubble bursted, you may need a tissue.

12 hours and here's what you Democrats are saying:
2016: "That Ex-Reality TV Show Host can never win or be President"
Now: "He's head of a criminal organization that took over the White House"

Don't you remember? The 7 years of The Apprentice on TV? He was entertaining and has not changed. But You people have. Why? Probably the Media Networks you watch owned by Democrats who push their political agendas on their staff. Regardless of how you let yourself go into Schiff's world; you should step back and see yourselves hating Trump for no "real" reason for which you came up with by yourself. It's your intake of News that needs to be addressed – not a change in the guy making your lives better everyday. Let that sink in.

lol…LOVE IT! @ 6:07:23, Rep. Alan Lowenthal! I wasn't familiar with him until now. I confess, I replayed his brief appearance more than a few times, because his mannerisms and voice simply put a smile on my face. He simply reminds me of the late, great Peter Falk ('Columbo') here. Couldn't stop chuckling for at least 15 minutes 🙂

This shows divided states not United States 🙈 sad that it’s come to this one reason I never want kids I don’t want anyone to live in this mad world we have become

Oh please. The worthless regressives that have taken over the Democrats are one of the only things even worse than the corporatocracy they'd already established.

Impeachment means nothing in this situation. Impeachment is not being kicked out of office. The reason why Pelosi is stalling the Senate trial is because the Senate is controlled majority by the GOP, and the articles will not pass there. He will remain in office. So why did they even do this in the first place, half of our Congress is corrupt, bad people, who are all in this big lie to gain the Senate? Because it is just another foolish tactic to try to gain voters. They know that they will lose the next election by a greater margin. It is really a surrender when you think about it. They are already giving up now, and throwing in the towel, with their last hoo raa. Any right minded individual knows that trump did nothing wrong, in fact the Biden family were (barisma anyone). The democratic party is obstructing justice and committing a very high crime. It is just so scary that so many democratic congressmen are doing this, lying, and know it deep down. Don't think that God doesn't see you, you who are not on TV, but who are a part of this. Your party legalizes abortions and calls it "health care." Do we need to go any further here?

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