War Robots: Premium Upgrade overview | what’s now in it? Premium 2.0

Pilots, how’s it going
Lately, upgrade times were among the most discussed topics in the community. We started addressing this with the Upgrade
Rush in the Halloween event. It has just concluded, and all went great
across the board. Now we are sure that we can keep tuning upgrade
times without breaking the game’s pace. So what’s next? Remaking Premium, which many of you already
have active, seemed like an obvious step. We thought a lot about Premium’s future. In our eyes, the Premium subscription should
never be mandatory or worsen other players’ experience And still, it should be useful. So here is what we did. Previously, Premium gave you 50% more Silver
and Experience from each battle. That’s it — no more, no less. Now it also cuts all upgrade times in half. IN ADDITION to this. In other words: yes, not only you get more
resources, but all upgrades happen twice as fast with Premium. What took a day before, requires 12 hours
if you have Premium active. With lower upgrade times, speeding up the
upgrade will also require less Gold. So you can spend it somewhere else. There’s just one caveat I have to mention:
we had to increase Premium’s price to include new benefits. We hope that added convenience justifies the
price — but once again you will be the judge. The new Premium is available starting from
this exact moment. For those of you with the old Premium active,
we upgraded it to the new version for the remaining duration. Hope you like it. Stay tuned for more news! And don’t forget to check the video on Components
Conversion nearby. It should be around here or down below in
the description. And don’t worry, Stan is coming back for the
next video. I promise.


What are your thoughts?

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lol good info…..and yes you are cool bro, but we are used to stanovski:). the 2x was maybe the best idea pix has come up with lately.

Creó qué la emocion de jugar se acava con tantos prosedimientos qué uno ase te cansas en aplicar yaves y potenciador la ruleta no da buenas armas y asi espero puedan mejorar todo esto vuen juego pero malos prosedimientos gracias

You have made it very difficult. We can not get the (gold) difficulty. And also the halloween atmosphere. What thes please..

Another great money making trick ..well done Pixonic..Very Well Done ..seriously well done ..you really care …thank you .

Ахренеть какие же вы гады пиксоники!!!! Вы подняли стоимость и время на улучшение до немогу а теперь за наши деньги хотите эти сроки сократить???? Вы жлобы!!! Возьмитесь за руки и дружно идите на …….

So Much Greedy Money Eaters…! Hope U Saw The Comments (Pixonic) U Think Ur SmartAss iIn Earning Money But U Have Lost Ur Good Reputation Which Its Hard To Earn Back..So Long…

I don't mind paying under 10 bucks a month for premium, but refuse to pay $15. That is more than most monthly video and music streaming services. Crazy…I was a monthly subscriber. No more though.

Ummmm..so, WE NEED MONEY TO UPGRADE FAST? 🙂 …lolz, here you go again developers….hahaha! What else would you do to make us pay you with money?…come on bring it on!!! Hahahaha!


So I love the spider robots and I want them all but I cant get the components for rayker and invader because they are not in workshop yet.

But if you could send me this stuff I would play every day

Raijin-2x Chimera

Fujin-2xHydra 1x scourge

Weyland-2x Flux

Invader-2x Halo 1xCorona

Rayker- 2xArbalest 1xTrebuchet


I think you guys are doing a better job of listening to the community and this mod is a start but I would highly suggest you guys listen to Adrian’s suggestions. He has some great ideas and speaks the truth.

I've played your game from the beginning when it was still Walking War Robots. I've spent hundreds of dollars on the game and have thoroughly enjoyed it. That is until now. You have made the upgrade amounts absurdly high and the upgrade times much too long. The excitement of working towards a new or upgraded component is gone because it takes too long. Even a committed player cannot upgrade fast enough to improve old components let alone obtain and upgrade the new items. Furthermore, it would be way too expensive to pay for the upgrades/components even as a supplement to committed playing. I'm a successful professional with a reasonable income and I cannot justify the expense required to upgrade or buy items. Moreover, your new plan to increase the monthly membership in order to reduce the upgrade times is insulting. There is no way I'm going to pay that much just to get back to semi reasonable upgrade durations. Especially when the upgrade amounts are still ridiculously high. I urge you to rethink your business model. I can tell you that you are definitely losing me as a customer and from what I've seen in comments online, you stand to lose many more.

Really? Premium got better? How? We still dont have silver and you increase price of premium to 15.99. I don't care how much takes upgrade because when it get finished i dont have silver for another upgrade for 2 weeks. Great now i will wait 3 weeks without upgrade because it upg faster. Wait i don't pay for premium haha.

I keep playing cause I really want the game to get better, and cause I've been playing it for so long, I have so much progress I don't want to just let go of. But every new update, it gets harder and harder to want to continue. Probably gonna quit soon from how utterly repulsive your greediness is getting.

Dont forget to say, you exstended the amount of keys needed for superchest and lowered the ods of getting any of the better rewards. Transperant as dirt, cheers.

Más ventaja para los P2W? Bien, ya casi no dan oro gratis, venden el mejor equipamiento en dólares, ahora les aumentan la velocidad de mejora, este juego se volvió una guerra de tarjetas de crédito! Apestan!!!

Instead of experience points should give gold or pieces for weapons or robots, these points of experience serve no purpose and not to mention that farce to make improvements faster, what is needed is more silver, gold and pieces.

can we have VOLUME controls for Sounds and Music. like a slider bar. instead of ON or OFF only? surely it’s not hard to do it. most games have this built in.

I love the Gekko it's my favorite weapon in the game because it is long range and does a great amount of damage

Игра нравится, играю без доната. Правда очень криво))) золото 3 лига. 0GXILN

use to have VIP in royale,how about it returns to royale for players that don't spend.its only fair that players that don't spend have a chance to get this.use to be fair to all now game favors pay players to much

B.O.T. Is a much better game with no pay to win
..brought to you from the developers who created War Robots before Pixonic ruined the game

So unfare i don't buy anything online so unfare i have such a hard time keeping enough sliver 4 my workshop premium players r so luckly

Тупорылые ублюдочные крохоборы.. У вас раньше цена на прем была скотской, а теперь вы, типо, решили проблемму, вами же и созданную с ахуевшим временем прокачки?!!! Твари неблагодарные, мало вам донатеры денег заносят?! Столько народу играют в вашу игру, надеясь что хоть что то сделают по человечески, нет, эти суки развиваются только в сторону доната… Стыд и срам вам позорники скупердяйные…

I don’t want to pay for better and faster upgrade times, by getting a premium subscription. Just lower the upgrade times. People are still going to pay for other stuff… Your upgrading system is the worst across any game I’ve ever played in 30 years if not the worst of all time!

Heres my idea for war robots
1. Stop being fucking pay2win.

2. Add a first person mode that everyone wants.

3. Give us that reload button that you promised during Christmas time but you never gave us it.

4. Reduce the waiting time and cost in workshop 2.0 because you already fucked up the workshop that we all known and loved.

5. Add a feature where you can shoot the buildings and they fall down.

6. Add a feature where there is fire on your robot when you die and when your robot falls to the ground.

7. Add a feature where when you die and when your robot falls to the ground the ground has smoke coming from it from the ground because the robot fell to the ground.

Thanks for reading payxonic

Pixonic may be pay to win but literally u don't have to waste money on the game to be a pro or to win alot I don't put money in the game but I'm still good

I will play but I won't pay. I got mk2 stuff and strong weapons and these were all upgraded using silver and gold that I won from playing. I will keep doing it my way. Only thing that annoys me is when there is an update and I face players with new bots and weapon at mk2 lvl 12 one week later

Долго думали, на чем еще можно бабла срубить? Укурки долбаные!

How about make the robot evolve or upgrade the robot

Like fuji make it evolve (uprade) so its a 6 legged robot that can climed walls

The robots must have a spacific (randome level upgrade) insted of becoming level 12 it will become a mk2 bot so if it reaces the right level (let say 25 to 30 or 40 to 50)

that might be the next level war robots
Like if you agree😃

Bring back the spectr and haechi old abilities, the same robots are much stronger than them, why did you make them slobakami? After all, we all saved up for them for a very long time, and now it's not interesting to play with them! It turns out that you deceived your players, they collected robots, the orcs of Tarana Ava ruined everything! Why then did they create them right away?

Oh wow! What's this large appendage protruding from my hand?! It's right in the center of my fist! You know, it kind of looks like middle finger😱! Well that's okay, you already flipped us the bird by doing this and more! So right back at you👆😊

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