Want to save money on Car Insurance? Track your driving habits

�Technology has come to almost every part
of our life and auto insurance is no different. If you have a safe driving record and you
have good driving habits, you might consider an insurance company that gives discounts
when they monitor your driving behavior through a tracking system.� Hoping to save some money, Lyndi Cook enrolled
in a program offered by her auto insurance company. �Our next renewal coming up we saved 10
percent on one vehicle and 5 percent on another.� Insurance experts say the majority of drivers
enrolled save money by releasing information such as mileage, when they drive, how fast,
and how hard they apply the brakes. �I didn�t get a very good grade in braking
(laughs) so I�m trying to be more aware of that now (laughs).� Some companies track data through a small
device that plugs into a port under the car�s dashboard, while others log basic driving
statistics using programs such as OnStar. �It�s perfect for a young driver. If you
have a young driver, a teen driver, and you want them to see how they are driving, what
their driving history is, what their habits are � that�s a great way for a teen to
look at their driving habits and correct those.� Some drivers, however, say the technology
infringes too much on privacy and do not want insurance companies knowing everything about
their driving habits. �It does not penalize you for your driving
history. It only rewards you, those safe drivers that are driving safe. Right now the average
savings for a safe driver is 10 percent.�


The technology has improved even more. Root Insurance saved me a considerable amount of money, and it's all done through a mobile app! I made a video review about my experience with them. Have a look: https://youtu.be/DqtWSGezsr8

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