VA life insurance benefits relieved financial pressure for Josh while he recovered from injury.

[MUSIC]>>Text: Josh, Marine Corps
Veteran, Explore VA, Life Insurance>>Speaking: I’m embarrassed to
say that I didn’t know about TSGLI. It was something that we
probably went over when I was in the military. But when
you’re an Infantry Machine Gunner and you’re worried about
your deployment to Afghanistan, you’re crawling through the sand
and mud, it’s not something that you think of. In September of 2009, I was
riding in the backseat of a Humvee. We ran over an IED. I
was ejected from the vehicle and I sustained multiple spinal
cord injuries. Today I’m a quadriplegic,
paralyzed from the chest down so I always knew there was a
risk of me getting injured, or me dying, but I didn’t know
the effect it was going to have on my family. Here I am in the hospital room,
I’m unable to work, my parents aren’t able to work,
my brothers and sisters aren’t able to work, and everybody’s
making sacrifices around me and being able to help with
those costs was a great gift that TSGLI gave my family. TSGLI is an insurance where if
you are hospitalized, the insurance company will give
you immediate benefit of money.>>Text: A one-time payment to
help those with traumatic injuries during recuperation. If you were injured in the
service, you may be able to receive this benefit
retroactively.>>Speaking: I had friends that I
was with in the hospital. They were in ski accidents, car
accidents, and it was such a burden relief with those who had
the TSGLI, so that they could cover immediate bills. If they
needed to fly in an aunt to help take care of the kids, they were
able to do that. Money is extremely stressful in
life, but it’s even more stressful when you’re in the
hospital and trying to recover from an injury. And having TSGLI
there just gave a great burden lifted off my shoulders.>>Text: Don’t miss out on
benefits you may have earned.

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