Unboxing Kamvas Pro 16 Premium

Hi guys! Today I am unboxing the Huion Kamvas Pro 16 premium. Bastet approves. First of all, Kamvas pro 16 premium is a digitizer, that is, a screen on which we draw and which needs to be connected
to a computer to work. The main screen features are indicated on the packaging. The colour gamut of the Kamvas pro 16 premium panel
is 150% sRGB. Kamvas pro 16 was at 120%. The pen has a 60° tilt to all directions and reads 8,192 pressure levels. The cable is USB-C. The packaging has stickers
with the Huion logo on both sides. The box is really nice, with nice graphics. Makes you know you have a premium product in your hands. Opening the box and there is the screen! It is extremely thin, looks more like a tablet really. Bottom left, there is a doughnut-shaped stand, on which you put the pen when not using it. Opening the doughnut, you find extra nibs for the pen
and this ring. You can change the tip of the pen with it and replace it. This is the pen. It is very light and battery-free. And it’s really nice that it supports the tilt function. Let’s check out this box. Inside there is the charger consisting of 2 pieces. Different plug depending on the area. Smart and eco-friendly design. Moving on to the screen stand. Here are the instructions of use. I won’t read them, ’cause I’m a classic guy. The stand consists of 2 parts. The upper part supporting the screen is metallic, while the base is plastic. There are non-slip strips at the upper part of the stand and also on the base where it rests on the desk, so that the digitizer does not slip when your are leaning on it while drawing. The stand is robust, ergonomically designed and easily adjusts to different viewing angles. Plus, there is a small and discreet flap to safely hold the screen. The cable is also interesting. It is USB-C to fit the only screen output. This cable ends in 3 connectors: one is HDMI that connects the screen with the computer’s graphics card. The 2nd is USB. It also connects with the computer and passes the keyboard information to the tip of the digitizer. And the 3rd is the power supply charger connected to a transformer. There is no other outlet on the screen or any button! The next box in the package contains the user’s guide. Stickers! The classic screen cleaning cloth. A download guide and the warranty card to fill out and return. There is also this anti-slip glove which is extremely useful and practical. Let’s check out the screen now. There is a protective sticker on the glass which you have to remove. It reveals a matte glass surface, which is matte antiglare. It does not allow glare on the screen, so you can work comfortably even under intense light sources. The screen is easy to connect to the computer with the USB-C cable to the only output. Now it’s ready to turn on by pressing the button up left. After downloading and installing the Huion drivers, you can easily and quickly adjust the digitizer buttons shortcuts. You can also calibrate the screen and pen so that there is no divergence between them. In addition to having an antiglare layer, the digitizer screen is also Full Laminated, meaning the glass is thinner so there is no parallax. The distance between the pen point on the glass and the cursor is minimal. The 8,192 pressure levels give a great design feel, while the panel contrast is strong and the colour vivid and vibrant. Pressing the last button and here are the pre-installed commands for the scroll surface. Zoom in – zoom out, brush size adjustment and scroll up and down. In most digitizers, minor lagging is common. It usually happens when the computer or the painting software is old and therefore slow. Well, in the Kamvas pro 16 premium a lag is hardly noticeable. The quality of the plastic and the overall build is premium and excellent. And given its premium quality, it comes at an extremely low price compared with other digitizers. This is actually an ideal product for both amateurs and professionals. One more thing, in Greece you can purchase all Huion products from the authorised distributor, Atlas Digital, via their e-shop, atlasonline.gr That’s about it! My first impressions of the Huion Kamvas Pro 16 premium. What about you Bastet? Bastet liked it, too. Thank you for watching! If you enjoyed this video, share it with your friends and subscribe to be the first to know about my new videos.

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