Unboxing and Setting Up the HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium e-All-in-One Printer | HP

Hi my name is Adam and I work for HP. Today
I am going to show you the unboxing and setup of the HP Officejet Pro 8600 printer. So here is the HP Officejet Pro 8600 printer. The first thing to do is to open up the box
by prying up the tape. Fold back the flaps so you can get items out
easier. On top of the inside of the box will be all of
your accessories and paperwork for your printer. Starting with your quick start guide for your
printer. This is your basic step by step guide for setting up your printer similar to what
we show in this video. The next couple pieces of paper are legal
information and a QR code to scan for more information. This page here talks about installing the
2nd paper tray. Ok next is your multi-language getting started
guide. Basically it is your user guide for your printer with some troubleshooting and
setup information. The next item in here is a pack of high quality
brochure paper which is good for making brochures or flyers. Next we have two discs. The first being your
Windows and Mac installation disc. If you are using an operating system other than what
is listed on the disk or for updated drivers, you can go to HP.com/support. The second disc is your Readiris software
which converts scans to editable text on your computer. Ok so now we have the power cord which we
will attach later. It’s just a normal universal power cord. Next we have a 2-wire fax cable for setting
up faxing on your printer. The last item on the top is the cartridges
for your printer. These type of cartridges are called setup cartridges and are specially
designed to help initialize your printer. You MUST use these when first setting up your
printer. These other cartridges are an extra set of
color cartridges for when you run out. Notice that they don’t say Setup on them. The next item is the duplexer for your printer
which is the part of the pritner that allows you to print on both sides of a piece of paper.
Just take it out of the cardboard. Pop up the little flaps, then you can slide it out.
Now you can remove it from the plastic bag. You just want to set it aside for now. Now we can try to take out the 2nd paper tray.
If you have anything other than the premium model of this printer, you will not have a
2nd paper tray. It might take a little bit of work to get the tray out. You might want
to remove the other pieces of styrafoam in the box. Now the tray should come out a
little easier. Once the tray is out of the box, you can remove
the protective film from around it. This is your second tray. You can just set it
aside for now. At this point we can remove the printer from
the box. Just set the box on its side. Just slide the printer out of the box by pulling
on the plastic. It should come out fairly easy at this point. Once the printer is out you can set the box
aside. Now we can remove the printer from the plastic.
I find it’s easiest if you just set the printer on it’s back and then slide the
plastic off. Then just rotate it back. Now we can start to remove any tape or other
packaging materials that are on or inside the printer. Just peel back the tape. It’s
designed to come off fairly easily and not leave any residue on the printer. Take the tape off the scanner lid and then
lift up the lid to remove the protective film. Take the tape off the input and output trays. For this piece of tape, you will have to slide
out the input tray and then remove the styrafoam and cardboard that’s inside the tray. Then
just slide the tray back into place. All over the high gloss parts on your printer
are covered in a protective film that you can remove. So any of the parts that are reflective
or shiny, you can remove the film that is covering it, including your control panel. Once all the tape and protective film is removed
we can install the duplexer. Go to the back of your printer. Holding the duplexer in one hand, slide
it directly into the back until you hear it snap into place. Return to the front of the printer. Now we can remove the tape and other packing
materials from the 2nd tray. Remove the few pieces from the front. Some of the tape goes
underneath so you’ll have to lift it up. And now just like the other tray, slide this
one out and remove the tape, styrafoam, and cardboard. Once it is all out you can slide the tray
back into place. Now we want to center up the 2nd tray and
then grab the printer and set it on top. There are little pins and slots that are
designed so the tray and printer line up perfectly. Oh, almost forgot, you need to check inside
the ink access door for any packing material as well. Then you can close the door. So now that everything is unpacked and ready,
we can start setting up the hardware. The first thing we are going to do is connect
the power cord. Start by removing the twist tie that’s on the power cord. Now we can plug the power cord into the back
of the printer. Let me turn the printer around so you can see what I’m doing. So go ahead and plug in the cable into the
printer making sure its firmly in place. Then we are going to take the power cord and
plug it into a power source. For this video we are using a power strip but HP recommends
that you plug your printer directly into a wall outlet to prevent any power issues. Now we can return to the front of the printer. Then press the power button to turn it on. Now that the printer is powered up, we have
to set the language and region for your printer. Select the language you want to use and then
press Yes to confirm. Then select your country or region and then
press Yes again to confirm. Now it’s going to ask you if you want to
setup your printer on a network. We are just going to hit continue at this point. Okay, it’s going to ask you to install the
duplexer and then show you an animation but since we have already done this we can hit
continue or next. Now it’s going to show you an animation on
how to install the cartridges which we DO need to do. This animation that is playing
looks like it is showing you how to replace the printheads for your printer but since
this printer comes with the printhead pre-installed I will just show you how to install the Setup
cartridges that came with your printer. For this video, we will speed up this animation. Okay, the first thing you want to do is open
up your ink access door. This will allow the carriage to move over. Next we will remove the cartridges from the
packaging. Make sure that you are using the Setup cartridges
and not the replacement cartridges or some other cartridges you might have bought at
the store. Make sure when you are handling the cartridges not
to touch the electrical contacts. Touching these can cause poor electrical connections. Okay, we are going to start with the bigger one
which is the black. So just get it into its correct slot and then slide it in. Push it in and
make sure it locks into place. Next we will do the same with the yellow. And then the magenta. It really doesn’t
matter which order you go in. And then the cyan. Once those are in you can close the ink access
door. The printer will say that genuine HP cartidges
have been installed and you can just press OK to clear that message. Now the printer will ask you to load paper.
For this video we will speed up this animation as well. To load paper you want to first open up the
main paper tray so just slide it out. Then tap a stack of plain, white, unused paper
on a hard surface and then slide it into the input tray. Tighten the length adjustment
guide until it is snug against the stack and then do the same with the width adjustment
guide. Slide back in the input tray. Press next on the control panel and let the
printer perform an alignment. We have sped up this process for this video. Once the alignment is complete and successful,
press the OK button. Now the printer will ask you how you want
to connect the printer to your computer. We won’t show that in this video so we will just press
Connect Later. Now press OK on the successful setup screen
and then your printer will go to the main menu. Now you can install the software for your
printer and recycle the alignment sheet. This was the unboxing and setup for the HP
Officejet Pro 8600 printer.


Might want to do a video on this printer setting up your wi-fi and all of the other printers features and then show them in action. I think those would be more complex for users and more helpful to view them. Nice unboxing and general set up otherwise. Thank you!

I have an new officeject pro 8600 the normal one (not plus or premiem) and I need to add an additional 250-sheet Paper Tray, will this tray be compatible with the printer. I need this so I can print two types of paper so I don't have the need to altar the papers every time I want to print. Thanks

I needed a video showing how to plug in the cable, remove the old HP printer from Devices and Printers, and how to install the program. My Father-in-Law wanted me to come over and install this printer right now and I couldn't at the time so I sent him a link to this video and it was helpful but he could get the printer to work. Please put up a video for the hook up and computer adjustments. Thank you

I will provide a link in a private message for documentation on the setup instructions. Please select your operating system from the links provided.

For some reason my modem will not read any software. Is there another way of completing this set-up. I'm as far on my set-up as this video is.

I will send you a link for a "how to install" and for the drivers for your product in a private message. Please select the appropriate operating system from the links listed on this page.

I want to buy this printer, but I don't know its printing system. As far as I understand it combines colors from four cartridges, but I mostly need Black and White. Is there a way to only use the black cartridge and avoid wasting the others?

Nice video I had an hp printer which was kool I recently purchased the canon pixma mx432 and I love it I have a full detailed review here http://blogabout.org/best-canon-printers-canon-pixma-mx432/

Excellent video that is of course simple stuff, but this is well done. Sometimes you get someone that I cannot understand, but this presentation is great. Although I don't really need this I like the way he communicates. Often the presenters skip things, but not this one. Who in the world are the 4 thumbs down???

I've literally tried to get this piece of crap to work for three hours, I will make a video of how to fix it with a sludge hammer!!!!

i got a piece that goes to this printer and im still til this day trying to figure out where it goes…part number CM749-40060, its a small black arm piece with hole for screw at top

How can I setup this printer to integrate with my ATT UVerse Voicemail System. We need our voicemail system and would like the Fax Machine to"Listen for the Fax Tone" and Automatically Receive. We can send faxes. Should we just be using Eprint or could you help me Hack the Printer to allow it to work with Voicemail.   

I want it not to override any Voicemail so it detects the Fax after the person presses start it listens for the Fax Tone. How come can't you design a Fax Machine to work with Voicemail from a phone company?   Please advise me on a Hack.


I can not get the ink cartridges into any of the slots on set up. I am pushing as hard as I can and they are not going into the slots. Help.

Can not get this printer to wirelessly connect to my HP laptop.  Have given printer it's own IP address so it no longer interferes with internet.  Please help. 2 months and still no luck!!!!

Hi, I have a problem. My lcd screen is not working. when I try to sellect a word as "yes" to confirm not follow to the next request.

I am setting up my printer and get the carriage jam message during set up.  I open the ink cartridge door and the cartridge does not move over.  Any ideas?

I cant get the printer to print fast….it was and then it changed when I I lost signal and downloaded again …Portrait? letter ? resolution? looked everywhere

I'm not getting the genuine cartridge message but the cartridges say set up cartridges and look identical to yours

Hi Tristan Maxwell-Girod,
This printer comes with setup cartridges. Please search for C03077159 on HP’s home page or using Google search.  The title of the document is “What are SETUP Cartridges?”

When this printer runs out of one of the colors of ink, does it prevent you from printing in black at least?  Kodak was known for this

Can you help I bought a HP officerjet Pro 8610 and the message after putting cartridges in is printheads failed? I don't know what to do. 

hi my printer doesn't turn off and the display screen is blank,,,when I unplugged it and plug it back again the power botton is on and doesn't do anything.
thanks if you can help  me.

Please help.  We were trying to print something off of our desktop computer to our printer.  We have the Officejet Pro 8600 printer and an HP TouchSmart desktop computer.  When we try to connect the computer to our printer it asks for a network security key. Not sure where to find it.

Someone donated a HP Officejet Pro 8600 printer to our church. The printer was never used (still wrapped in the plastic bag, tape, and styrofoam). Unfortunately the SETUP Cartridges were missing. Can I purchase some SETUP Cartridges so that I can utilize this printer? Although I had bought printer cartridges … the printer won't let me finish the setup without the SETUP Cartridges. Thanks! Roger Hendricks, Southwest Church, Springboro, OH

My paper tray is jammed and stops and sticks out 1/4. I can almost get the tray out but it seems to be stuck on the left side paper holder. Chatted with HP support and he gave no solution. Said HP will call in 24-48 hrs but it's the weekend and I need to print. How do I get the paper tray out?

I'm trying to connect the HP Officejet pro 8600 plus wired to my Windows 7 computer. I inherited this printer and don't have the set up cartridges or CDs. Can I do it or should I just buy a new printer?

I'm so glad you told us to pull back the box flaps in order to get the printer out of the box! I would have never have figured that out! SMH!

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