Try Something New Tuesday – Santa’s Village

(acoustical music) – [Nazar] Hey you guys. This is Nazar with Provident Real Estate. And today is Try Something New
Tuesday. And I’m here with… – William – With Provident Real Estate. And we are here at Santa’s Village. Super excited to be able to
get to have breakfast with… – Santa – That’s right. With Santa. Super excited. We’re going to go inside because
its freezing cold out here. But, this is what’s amazing
about Try Something New Tuesday is we get to have breakfast with Santa. You guys should come and
have breakfast with Santa here at the Village. So, let’s go. Are you ready? – Yes – Let’s go. Come on. (“Jingle Bells”) Alright you guys. We just finished exploring
the Santa’s Village. We had breakfast with Santa. He came and talked to us, and told us what we should be doing to be on the naughty list. Or on the good list. Right? And then we went… What did we do? You can go zip lining here. You can go ice skating here. All this stuff is pretty much included when you come to Santa’s
Village, which is kind of fun. And, what else did we do? – We ride on bikes. – We did ride on some
bikes around this trail which was kind of cool. – Yep. – And then we had some hot
cocoa, and it was a lot of fun. You can go zip lining here. And so, it was pretty much
a pretty fun experience. Right? Would you come again? Would you try this again some other time? Alright, well we’re going to
prove you guys should come check this place out. Try Something New Tuesday. Nazar Kalayji with Provident Real Estate wishing you a wonderful day. Take care.

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