Try Something New Tuesday – Ride in a Helicopter

– And today’s Try Something New Tuesday. Flying a helicopter.
(helicopter thumming) (pop music) Alright. Nazar with Provident Real Estate and today’s Try Something New Tuesday. Flying a helicopter. Right behind me, as you
can see, is a chopper. Super excited about doing this. Going over the strip of Las Vegas. Here we go. Alright you guys, I just got
back from the helicopter tour and it was actually kind of fun. Hopefully you guys
enjoyed as much as I did. I know it’s probably a
little bit boring to watch but it was a pretty cool view and it was not bumpy at all, super smooth. The guy that did the video, the guy that flew the
helicopter was pretty smooth. It was a nice little tour of Vegas. You should absolutely try it
next time guys come to Vegas. A lot of fun. So, this is Nazar telling you
to go on a helicopter tour in Vegas and enjoy the amazing beauty that Vegas is all about. Especially at night with
all the blinking lights. Alright guys, have a wonderful day. Try Something New Tuesday. Go on a helicopter ride. Bye Bye.

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