Try Something New Tuesday – Milk a Cow

Today I milk a cow. (upbeat music) – Hey you guys, this is Nazar
with Provident Real Estate, and today is try something new Tuesday. Today I milk a cow. That’s right, I’ve never done this before. Today’s the day I’m gonna
make it, so come with me while I go milk this cow, come on. Here I go you guys. – You want to put it in the little cup. You have to go from the up to down. Yeah, squeezing. – There you go! – The teats or whatever
you call them are dry, I would expect them to
be all gross but it’s.. – Oh, you know what? Put some milk in your hand
and put it on the teat. – I don’t want to. – Yes! So it is softer. (upbeat music) – Alright you guys I just
finished milking a cow for the very first time. It was pretty cool. The teats, or whatever,
nipples, whatever you call them wasn’t weird or sticky or wet. It was just dry and you
could feel it, it was warm and it was coming out. You could feel that it was
warm and like obviously the cow likes to be milked because
you know, it’s a release to get all that milk out, but
it was definitely a pretty interesting experience so if
you guys have never milked a cow before go to Norco or
go somewhere and find a cow and milk it. Make sure that they are happy
and obviously this one’s already. Make sure that you’re not being kicked or anything like that. So anyways, this is Nazar
with Provident Real Estate wishing you an amazing Tuesday, take care.

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