Try Something New Tuesday – Buddha Hand

– And on this week’s episode
of Try Something New Tuesday, I take on the Buddha Hand. (upbeat electronic music) Hey guys, Nazar with
Provident Real Estate, and today is Try Something Tuesday. And on this week of Try Something Tuesday I am trying the Buddha Hand. If you guys have ever
seen this fruit before it looks very gnarly, looks kinda creepy. I’ve heard you can make candy with this. You can zest it on fruit or food. But I’m about to eat this thing. So let’s give this a try. That didn’t do anything. It smells like lemon soap. I don’t know if I’m
actually in the product yet. Okay, must be. All right, so this is what it looks like. This is what it looks like cut. I wonder if I can open it like this. (laughter) Oh, that looks crazy. (upbeat music) Mmm. Come here my precious! No, all right. Don’t play with it,
let’s eat some of this. (upbeat music) It smells like dish
soap, like the good kind. I’m gonna have to take another bite. That didn’t taste like much. I have no idea – I’m
assuming this is right. (upbeat music) So it has the consistency
of like, a thick sponge. Like, really, it’s a little
spongy but super thick and, um, I don’t know
what to, it’s so weird. It smells just so good though. Not a lot of flavor. So, not a lot of flavor,
smells amazing, looks crazy, I mean look at that, looks
awesome just for decoration. But, yeah, it smells like lemon dish soap, that’s the only thing I can think of. I kinda wish we’d tried the
candy version of this thing. There’s not a lot of meat to
it, so you have to figure out how to open this, because
obviously if I cut this in half, there’s not a lot inside of it. Just smells amazing. I bet you can make some dish
soap or something out of it. Anyway, all right. So, I love Try Something Tuesdays because it allows me to try stuff that I’ve never tried before. So you guys should get on the bandwagon, start trying new stuff,
sometimes it’s gross, sometimes it’s just okay, but either way, it’s Try Something New Tuesday. This is Nazar with Provident Real Estate wishing you an awesome Tuesday. Take care!

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