Trump Called Fox Executives To Whine About Coverage Of Him

Donald Trump has been whining about Fox news
for several months now, but we can at least be a little bit glad to know that he’s not
just doing it on Twitter. He’s not just doing it behind the scenes. Donald Trump is actually whining about Fox
news as coverage of him to the chief executive of Fox News itself. According to a report that came out yesterday
in the New York times in late summer, Donald Trump made a phone call to Fox News, chief
executive, Suzanne Scott, where three different aides said that Trump complained to Scott
about the coverage the network was giving him. He wasn’t happy about it. He didn’t like the polls showing that he was
losing to every single Democrat. He didn’t like the fact that you had people
like Shipp Smith who’s no longer there, uh, calling him out when he lied. He didn’t like any of that and he wanted the
chief executive of Fox news to know it. And that is why he made that phone call. Now, here’s the great irony of all of this. There has been no bigger Trump cheerleader
in the United States than Fox news. That is what they do all day long with the
exception of, of course up until last Friday, ship Smith’s one hour program, which also
by the way me as media matters and pointed out, they still lied every single day on that
program too, so let’s not act like he was some kind of saint, things we’re still a little
iffy, but he was the best they had, but even that wasn’t enough for Donald Trump and that’s
why he made this phone call to complain. According to Trump, Fox news should be 100%
in his pocket. They should be at his back at all times getting
his back, covering him from any horrible thing that the rest of the media has to say about
him. If they come up with a bad poll, they need
to just bury it and they’ve actually done that in recent weeks as well when they get
news. That is not flattering for the president and
maybe it’s because of this phone call. Maybe it’s because of this phone call that
Shep Smith decided his time at the network was up. Maybe it had to do with Bill Barr’s a little
meeting with Rupert Murdoch last week. Maybe we’ll find that out, but the truth is
Fox news has been Donald Trump’s most reliable ally and that is why it hurts him so much
whenever even if it’s for a split second, the network says something that’s not completely
flattering for him. He can’t handle it because he is fragile because
he is weak and because he is pathetic. That’s why he lashes out. That’s why he does the things he does about
the network. Whenever it’s not completely flattering, he
can’t handle any kind of criticism because he is a weak and pathetic human being. Now I know conservatives love to think that
Donald Trump has some kind of, you know, mega macho alpha male, but really he is a scared
little child. He is terrified and he can’t handle even the
most minute bit of criticism without flying off the rails and acting like a two year old
who you just told there were no cookies. That is what is sitting in the white house
today, and that is a danger to this country.


I'm very curious what exactly Trump could possibly say in a private meeting that could alter a rational CEO's calculation of how much to support him? They already know that he is a Fascist and a narcissist, who wants nothing but good coverage. What could his tiny brain come up with that would push them further in his favor?

What is so funny is Trump need to understand even Fox News has to stay in business. And they have to show some truth, I know you fell like it's your personal News network and we know they have a tendency to lie for you. They also see the writing on the wall.

I see Blondi Dondi is on his favorite whine again: It's not fair, they're mean to me, it's all Hillary's fault and on and on.

LOL I love this channel I love how you take them digs and keep hitting them where it counts oh, I love when people don't kiss Trump's behind

Not only a danger "to this country", please remember the rest of the world, Farron! We are horrorized and scared as we expect a bunch of unwelcome visitors, let loose in Syria, thanks to your fake con man "president".

Rupert is still is the boss. While he is still alive that will be the case, it’s that simple & he has been meddling in elections sine 1972 Yes 72.

One good thing about having a big, fat, victim whiny baby in the WH – it has brought out NARCISSISM and the narcissistic behaviours for EVERYONE to see, and helping those who know are being victimised by a narc to suddenly realise they are being abused by one with those same demonic behaviours.

We don't have anything like Fox in Australia because we have a government media complaints system. If you lie or make offending comments a person can complain and it will be investigated and the media outlet if it is found to be wrong will have to make a public apology or an ad will be pulled. We even have a program on our government broadcaster which by law must be impartial called Media Watch. We trust our ABC ( auntie ) even though every government of either side complain it is biased against them.

3:23 I very seldom disagree but here I do: It is not a danger to your country. It is more: A danger to the world.

Come on America, leaders having their own news outlets is banana republic behavior…… What's next, a we love our leader public holiday?

President crybaby should stop crying like a little bitch kkk fox news network abused the fuck out of obama but obama didnt cry about it like a bitch like president shit for brains

President shit for brains is going to catch hell beacuse of shep smith. Shep smith had a lot of followers and friends on kkk fox news network.

Well, im no expert, but i recognize a malignant narcissist's temper tantrum! He is empty, vaccuous; wholly dependent on the attention, admiration, adoration of everyone near him to "fill him up", humor him & bow down to him. I LOVE watching him whine & panic. However, the last week has shown us how frighteningly dangerous he can be. Im very happy how the news media, cable news particularly, has done a great job bringing us the details of this unbelievably bazarre & terrorizing stories as they unfold. I feel the sooner we can stop madman Trump the better. He is a severely unbalanced, unpredictable threat TO THE WORLD!

Real news for you Trump:
1) 100% of the US citizens want to donate free housing to you
2) including room service and happy end by all cellmates
3) and surrounded by a 45 ft high steel wall

Fox is a destroyed brand – no sensible person takes it seriously, and even its fans now hate it.
Time for the Murdoch kids to retire and pray Mrs Jagger doesn't spend their inheritance.

Fox news is not a news channel, fox has them in his pocket just like the Republicans they either get paid or being blackmailed them.

Republicans are pretty good at that whining thing but they are still getting there agenda done. They have bills ready lined up to privatize Medicare and they have not paid back the money from 08 housing market crash. They given tax breaks to the rich and cut funding for the things that helped people at the poverty level. But then still have to borrow money to fill the holes for a budget not balanced. They are thinning the heard. Remember trump said he was going to trim the fat. That's anyone retired or disabled he's taking it all away. But I told you.

Fox is a state run propaganda network… It’s blatantly obvious… Why did Barr just meet with Murdoch…? How can Fox even be considered a news network in this country… Especially when they’re an extension of Trumps campaign… Fox should be labeled an entertainment channel like it is in Canada… Or banned like in the U.K…

You know what right to work is. It's the right to work for less than a prevailing wage. This has been going on for quite some time. If our retirement and pensions go than so does the government's

When you take all a person has and his back is to the wall. I wouldn't want to be the guy standing in front of him that pushed him back.

Trump and his Republican cohorts are dissolving like pieces of toilet paper in a swirl of theit own diarrheaΒ  –Β  at least they wonΒ΄t be clogging the cesspool anymore.

Rae M….black chow and border collie! Wow. Big puppy…I hope you have him forever….I’ve read border collies are really smart ….does he have a black tongue? My son has three German Shepherds and a Plot Hound….hi entire life is hockey and his dog….he used to play but he’s fifty so now he coaches. He’s coached many kids who are now pros….but, alas, I πŸ€” think the only grandchildren I will have are dogs 🐢….give your pup a kiss for me….πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ˜šπŸ˜˜

Orange Foolius is simply the useful idiot for the GOP. Fox News simply appeases the orange baby so his overinflated ego doesn't get bruised.

Just imagine if President Obama called the head of CNN and MSNBC and whined about the unfavorable coverage of him… President Obama is not a baby like this idiot.

If this doesn't tell the TRump Base that FAUX NOISE is state run TV, and conspiracy theory channel – I don't know what else this base needs!!! This is such a huge red flag, for this country! When you have a TV station that is lying on a daily basis, skewing facts, misleading, keeping the viewer unformed, in order to give this president the coverage he wants, that is only flattering to this president – THIS is a danger to this country! The viewer should be given the facts, and you can get those facts, any number of ways – news papers, radio, internet, and several local channels – you don't have to watch MSNBC, or CNN, if you think they are liberal. BUT, when the news is the same across all these channels/sources, and then that news, is under reported, misreported, or not even covered by FAUX NOISE……they are doing this country a disservice, by keeping their viewers uniformed of what is actually going on! But as TRump said he loves "his uneducated voter base" – which why he is so successful at keeping these voters under his thumb! If you don't believe that, just watch TRump's rallies, and when they talk to TRump's base after the rallies, all they can do is spout talking points, with no actual facts! We can thank FAUX NOISE for the state of chaos, this country is in today!

Yet they call this guy "Teflon Don" "The Chosen One" "A God", yet somehow manages to have more meltdowns than someone who is autistic.

Stop doing terrible s🀬 and that wouldn't be a worry!!! He knows what he is doing over 70 that's YOU!! YOUR ACTIONS!! YOUR CHARACTER!! PERIOD!!

" Let Me Control the Media and I Will Turn Any Nation into a Herd of Pigs …. Joseph Goebbels "
" Think of The Press as a Great Keyboard on Which the Government Can Play …. Joseph Goebbels "
" Propaganda Works Best When Those Who Are Being Manipulated Are Confident They Are Acting of
Their Own Freewill …. Joseph Goebbels " …. such quotes explain trumps disdain for media and his maniacal
obsession to control their narrative . " Whoever Controls the Media Controls the Mind …. Jim Morrison "


Folks…we are currently under the rule of Fascism. Educate yourself about what that word really means. You don't need to have Nazis or an evil-looking guy with a moustache or an Italian dictator from 1930 to have it. This IS FASCISM. In the U.S. This country checks off every single box when it comes to what qualifies as totalitarianism. Trump is a modern demagogue. He is what comes in when a nation has a vaccum and can't figure out what the source of their problems really are.

Trump ran as a fake Nationalist, said all the right things at the right time.

And now you see who he really is. A disturbed, sociopathic creature that thinks the world is his toy box. He lives in his own head as a savior of mankind. And he's convinced a good number of people that he really is their savior.

Vote him out of office. Please.

I don't understand after all this time covering up Trump's messes, Fox news desides to start telling the truth about their messiah?

FOX NEWS is State run television and it's co$ting them. The "Fair and Balanced" tagline has become a punchline, so some advertisers now spend their money elsewhere. Hurt them where it counts. Boycott anything that sponsors FOX.

I'm pretty sure regardless of denial he had a lot to do the Smith's Departure after FOX Executives pressured Smith to change for Trump and Smith had enough.

He. β€˜s not just dangerous to the country, he s a very dangerous entity to the world,
Something has to be done before he makes a mess that can’t be cleaned up OMG help us all amen

Donald Trump after giving up the Kurdish people to the Turkish military a lot of Kurdish people were killed . I wouldn't want to stay in a building with Trump's name on it. Stay at your own risk

SS is longer there…..that is a loss that made handity, pucker and others very happy. fox news is a joke just like rump and barf. I thought murdock have a back bone…..I was wrong


I wonder how they feel at CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, WP, NYT Sinclair News about not making the NEWS… Probably thankful that no one has broken in their businesses, and gone rogue to another business… This is scary, that they are holding back… I'm sure the occupant hasn't left them out of his phone calls…

Why wouldn't he? Rupert Murdoch and the Rothschilds have been bailing him out, since 2014 at the latest!

The real reason, we're in Syria!

trump is a wet tissue skinned bitch ass illiterate ignorant lying racist narcissistic bullshit artist ; who is unfit for the office of the president or anything else, he's a piece of shit.period.

So you idiots agains Trump think he talk to Fox News to get Shepard Smith to resign that makes no sense if he hated Trump that bad he definitely would’ve resigned there’s other reasons you’ll come out eventually

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