Travel Insurance

Patrick a Canadian traveling abroad got
injured while admiring the scenery fortunately Patrick but travel insurance
before his trip patrick said yes to travel insurance
because foreign hospitals can be very expensive and will likely require cash
payment up front and provincial health plans may only cover a fraction of the
cost if any you can buy travel insurance through a recognized travel agent or
travel provider and accredited or license insurance broker or insurance
provider don’t let traveling uninsured ruin your
trip and leave you paying off debt for years say yes to travel insurance and get the
most complete insurance package you can afford know your policy and pay special
attention to the eligibility requirements exclusions and benefits of
your plan luckily for Patrick came back home with
a broken leg not a hefty medical bills because a selfie shouldn’t cost Patrick
or his family hundreds of thousands of dollars
download our travel smart app to stay up to date on travel advice and advisors
changes to travel advisories can affect your travel insurance coverage

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