Trading View Hack – Use Premium Features for free (LIFETIME) (ENGLISH)

Hello Friends, This is CA Pratham Aggarwal and today we ll be talking about Trading View. So, Trading View So trading this one website Which is used by the analysts over the country for creating charts putting their views and to see other people views It is one of the most incredible website and to add more to the credibility of this website even charting platform of other big websites like a powered by trading view But trading view has one issue That is if you’re not a paid member if you’re not paid anything and you’re a free member of the website You cannot use more than three indicators When you will try to add more than three indicators Like in this case, I’m going to add moving averages. It shows a warning that your account supports only three indicators Indicators or strategies for chart if you want to add more than three indicators You have to activate your Pro, Pro Plus or Premium membership, which makes it a costly affair Now to your amazement, I’m going to show you my account See in my case. It’s showing an option of go pro So I’m not a pro member at present, but when I will show you my chart I’m using more than three indicators over here Like see the one two three and a couple of moving averages more than a couple of moving averages So basically I’m using around eight indicators over here So, how am I able to do this How I am availing the benefit for free. I’m just going to show you by the way. This is my trading view in the name of Pratham Aggarwal In this I am going to regularly post my analysis if you want to follow me. I want to know what I am thinking You can just follow me. My twitter ID is Prathamagg28. So let’s start by creating a new account Finally here it has a prove that I am NOT a robot and have send an activation link on my email id As soon as I activate I get access to my panel So as you can see here, it is showing an option of GoPro 30 days trial just select this option When you will select this option, it is show you three different types of plan select the premium plan Just fill in these details and tick these two boxes and your 30 days period will start as soon as Your Premium Membership starts you get access to some of the most amazing feature what the most beneficial features will be that you can use up to 25 indicators and 24 indicators on indicators Further you can save unlimited chart layout What we have observed all the time is Every trader generally uses two to three basic oscillators and a maximum of five six moving averages So at first we will ask you to prepare trading setup of your choice So there after considering that we have a maximum limit of 25 indicators All the potential indicators that you think that you might use in the future Like in the present case, I think this this this, are the indicators that I might use in the future So now if you say that There’s so many indicators on the sheet that will create a mess and you will not be able to analyze properly So I’ll tell you that you always have an option to hide these You can just click on this hide button then put these indicator on one side on one corner Apart from your basic setup just create one more setup using maximum indicators and create 10-15 copies of the same see the chart layouts that you’ve just created will remain the same forever That is even when you premium trial period expires Even then your chart layouts will remain the same if you have already added 25 indicators to your chart You will continue to use them However once your premium trial period expired You will not be able to add any additional indicator But since you have already have so many indicators and copies they’re highly any possibility of you missing out at any indicator you want So you can just set different combination of indicators of different layouts and continue to use them and if you still feel that You missed out on any indicator. You can just repeat the process using other email-id So this way you can use the benefits of premium membership for free for a lifetime If this video was really helpful Please like and comment subscribe the channel for more updates Thank you


Hello Pratham.I have done exactly you instructed in this video.My premium pro plan expires on 11 April,As today is 9th april , can i unsuscribe the plan and be able to use all the specification of the premium pro or i have to wait till April 10 which is tomorrow. I live in Sydney ,so do i need to aware if timezone affects the trial pro expiry date.thank you

We don’t need so many indicators more is like not enough…2-3 indicators max should be more than enough to take trading decisions Believe me been trading with less and making better decisions
Market profile and maybe a moving average to feel for the trend

This actually worked for me.Thank you so much for this video.I was able to have many charts layouts and is still active even after cancelling the plan.But Indicators like Volumes are not accessible after cancellation.Multiple charts is also not accessible

However if u want multiple charts there u will receive lots of discounts offer within the one month trial, and even at the cancellation time,you will be offered $5 per month rookie plan,I have done this process again with different account just to get the rookie plan at the end

Hello Pratham, pls confirm do i need to fill my card details while sign-up to premium. If sign-up, then will money be really deducted from my card even for the trial period.

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