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(suspenseful music) – When you wake up, you try
to move, and you realize that you’re frozen, and that causes panic. And once you start to
panic, the dream gets worse. All of a sudden, you’ll see these figures walking through your room. You’ll see, maybe a silhouetted figure at the foot of your bed,
or maybe a woman hovering above your bed, screaming at you. You feel like you’re being choked. You feel like you’re, maybe
being sucked into your bed or levitating off of your
bed by some unseen force. These experiences are so
otherworldly that you explain it to someone, they either think you’re crazy or they think you’re lying. (laughs) There’s no other way to describe it than terrifying, paranormal, and ungodly. (suspenseful music) So I’ve had sleep paralysis
for the majority of my life. I’ve had it throughout my childhood. But in my early teens, it
really took over my life. I was suffering from sleep paralysis almost every single night. I would hate to go to bed. (laughs) I would go to school and
not be able to stay awake, because I hadn’t slept in two days. Until I found art as my outlet for my sleep paralysis experiences,
I didn’t know what to do. I took a mythology
class in my high school, and one of our assignments
was to keep a dream journal. Getting them onto paper, really just started becoming my therapy. After I have a sleep paralysis episode, I log it in my journal. Then I finally have, like the
blueprints to my dream itself. And I’m able to go out into
the field and photograph. So I’m driven to go out
and jump in the water, or go out during a freezing snow storm, or even in the pouring
rain for my photographs. I use water, fire, rope, faceless figures. My work involves a lot of different tools and different mediums. I’m doing woodworking to make my props. I’m doing a lot of sewing to create, maybe the suit, or the
shirt, or maybe a dress that my character’s going to wear. Deconstructed elements of furniture, I’ll sometimes build
things from my images. Because it’s so dream related
and surreal, if I don’t have a level of realism in there,
people may dismiss it. Basically when I wake
up in sleep paralysis, I’ll see these figures, like
walking through my room. Or they’ll be at the foot of my bed, like trying to pull me away from my bed. So I’m gonna model as the
sufferer in the bed, here. And there’s gonna be figures
emerging from the water, trying to pull me in through
the sheet and the rope. And different symbols I’m
gonna be using to express, like that nature of
being tethered to that, that entity that’s entering my room. (breathing) Okay. Within my dreams, I normally
see these faceless figures. They all surround me in my bed, and they try to pull me off of my bed. How I like to portray them, is these hooded figures
with rope around their neck. And it symbolizes, one, the
faceless aspect of the figure. And two, the rope that kind of feels like I’m being choked to death
within the experience. There’s no real other way to share what a sleep paralysis experience is like, other than to recreate it through art. When I finally started
putting my artwork out there, people were like, “Oh, this
is what you might have.” I finally stumbled upon that Wikipedia page of sleep paralysis. I’m like, “This is what I’m going through. “I’m not crazy.” (laughs) I’m actually going through something that’s medical and studied. And it gave me, like a sense of relief. And I was able to connect with
a lot of different artists, different people around the world. Just by seeing my work, they were like, “Oh, I can relate to what
you’re going through. “I’m going through the same thing myself.” And suddenly I felt, instead
of being the one person with this problem,
there’s millions of others that are there, and I’m less alone. And even if they’re not a
sleep paralysis sufferer, they may take away something
from their own nightmares. Life was tough for me, and now it’s getting better every
time I create an image. Every time I have an experience, I’m able to become stronger in a way. (suspenseful music)


I guess mines is similar yet different
I do get pulled out of my bed, but into a dark void with many voices

I've had sleep paralysis and it's fucking terrifying… I still think that nobody believes me when I tell the story, it's too crazy.

I was amazed. And then I realized he portrays all of those figures in the photos and then just edits them into the final piece. Mind blown. I love it!

Incredibly creative! I also have sleep paralysis and my visitors are short, demonic creatures that taunt me. They stick their fingers in my nose and mouth. I feel terrified. Sometimes I feel the presence coming to my room.

Have you tried thinking of the Cristos Jesus? I personally believe there are principalities and powers. We seem to be in a generation where these extra-dimensional beings are disclosing themselves more frequently than ever.

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