TheWave ∣ Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium 開箱 【香港】

Welcome to TheWave, I am chromechan Today I have brought you guys the Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium In terms of packaging, it is basically the same as other XZ2 Series phones except the “Premium” wording (Probably not showing off?) Open it up reveals the XZ2 Premium I have selected Chrome Silver, which has more depth for its color in addition to silver, there are also a hint of sky blue color just quick reminder: if you are interested in checking out this smartphone, you must pick the real device as dummy phone can’t perfectly replicate the real device’s color, button nor the weight distribution for the accessories, UCH12 charger – supports QC3.0 and MTK PE+ 2.0 Type C to 3.5mm dongle – EC260 UCB20, a A to C USB cable 3.5mm earphone – MH750 and a warranty coupon, to extend up to one year on your warranty or add half-year accidental damage coverage (For Hong Kong) If you want to purchase this phone, be sure to take action before the end of august via authorized resellers if not, you won’t be getting this coupon and for those who have purchased the XZ2 Premium, keep in mind that you have 30 days to register your warranty Ok, that’s it for today’s unboxing catch you up later as I am going get the bluetooth earphone (SBH90C) If you like this video, leave a comment about what’s the limit for this smartphone share, like and subscribe my channel see you next time, byebye


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