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Some new tools have just arrived here
at the RC driver workshop and I’m pretty excited about it they are tracks as as
new premium tools and I am just a tool nut I love collecting all different
types of RC tools so I am really interested in checking these out now
this one right here is their essential tool set they have three different sets
in total one of them is just hex drivers one of them is nut drivers and this one
is a mix alright now check out this pouch here this is a heavy-duty nylon
pouch it’s got the Traxxas logo embroidered in there which is really
nice and the pouch is secured together with this long strip of velcro let me
pop this open and as you can see inside it’s got these little flaps to help
secure the tool bits and it’s got this extra pouch here I guess you could put
some extra hardware or something in there but let’s check out the bits now
these are precision ground high quality steel so you know these should last long
just by looks of it this is no not some cheap set that they found this looks
like a really good set right here what I really like about these bits is they
have the Traxxas logo and then they have the sizes edged in them you know as you
probably already see this is a quarter inch speed bit style so any type of
quarter inch drive will work with it you know it will work with the handle but
what’s really close if you don’t want to use the handle you can go and use a
power drivers such as this and they fit right in but you know it does come with
a handle itself this is a rubber overmold at Hale it’s got the Traxxas
logo on there and it actually has a magnet inside so we just go and slip it
in and it holds everything in nice and secure
but these bits they have a nice sharp edge and what’s so important about that
is is it fits nicely into hardware I’ve already tested it out on a few Traxxas
vehicles here you know they’re all metric hardware so these are all metric
tools and the bits fit really nicely into the factory hardware
now this particular set here has everything you’re going to really need
for you know the majority of the work on most Traxxas vehicles and these could
really be used on any other vehicle as well as long as it has metric hardware
but this particular set right here has a 1.5 at 200 and a 2.5 millimeter hex
driver and then on the nut driver side it has a
5.0 5 5 7 o and 8 millimeter nut driver set in there so again it really covers
most of what you’re to be working on with a Traxxas vehicle
all right now let’s check out these other sets as I mentioned this one right
here is the nut driver set and this one gives you the 4.0 4.5 5.0 five point
five seven and eight millimeter hex drivers it also gives you the nylon
pouch and of course the handle something just pop this open I’ll show you guys
and there it is all nicely laid out and you know the the tools are secured with
this elastic band here there’s even a velcro strap to hold down the handle but
these nut drivers are just as nice they have the Traxxas logo etched in them at
the end that have the size edge to em and even a little extra detail finishing
on the tip of it just to make sure the edge is narrow which is really nice with
a nut driver set it fits into you know much smaller areas and stuff like that
and then let me finally show you guys the seven piece metric set and in there
is the 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 2 millimeter ball and driver 2.5 millimeter and three
millimeter ball and drivers so this set is probably a really nice set to have
because it comes with those ball end drivers and I’ve had a number of times
where the ball and drivers come in really handy I’ll pop this one open and
you can see how nicely everything is laid out again all of these are also
etched with the sizes and it even has a little kind of illustration itching to
show you the ball end driver so when you’re really going and quickly picking
something up you could identify it really quickly if you don’t see the tip
of it but again there’s that nice handle that it comes with and again they fit
into electric drivers that accept a quarter inch speed bits which is really
good because I use that mostly to build everything that you see around here but
overall really nice sets I like these I think these are going to be a great
addition and working a couple of Traxxas projects right now and I think I’m gonna
start using these tools probably with my electric driver actually and it’s going
to speed up the building process quite a bit alright guys I will leave a link in
the description below so you could check these out along with the part numbers
and prices a very pure Traxxas fan this is probably something you’re gonna want
to add to your collection


I bought one from Traxxas several months ago…..all I have is a trx4 body, but have used it over & over

Damn man, I just picked up the HoBao tool kit then this comes out! Lol … I think I'll still be happy with the HoBao set though.

I could be wrong/ paranoid but ive gone through i don't know how many magnetic driver's. Within a few roll offs to the ground the magnet has always gone flying off likely never found til months later. I've gone back to a nice set of individual drivers instead the fancy crap ive always broken. 4 foot fall onto concrete isn't nice to those kinda tools apparently. Tried a few friction held ones and all. Killed a turnigy one that i paid 20 bucks for, lasted maybe 3 weeks? Hefty thing too it was. Solid one peice drivers only here on out.
Sure someone will like em though. Got piles of bits laying around that only annoy me when i look at them 😂

I have the full set in the zipper case where the driver ratchets and it sucks lol I hope these are better

Nice tools but WOW, $80 per set is way too expensive. What is Traxxas thinking. You could buy a Snap on or Matco set for less.

It would nice to know about the real quality and durability of these sets, and the manufacturing process. Are they going to hold up over time and is the material hardened so they maintain their edge and don’t strip your screws out, etc. This is the first time I’ve seen you recommend "adding a product" to my collection just because of its brand – feels like you’re just advertising for Traxxas on this one – kind of disappointing.

Traxxas has just gotten ridiculous with their stuff. I'll stick with MIP,atleast I know I'll get what I pay for….

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