The Real Story – Charitable Premium Assistance for Dialysis Patients

Prior to me going on
dialysis, I was working and I had a pretty good career. But, then, once I went on dialysis and I had the kidney disease,
all of that had to stop. My wife had– end-stage renal disease. Ya know, she kept gettin’ worse and worse so she had to quit her job ’cause she just couldn’t
handle it no more. I was raised on a farm, I
know what work is all about. I haven’t worked in 17 years. You feel isolated and you’re
dependent on that machine. That’s a huge pressure
and stress, financially, to be on dialysis. At my lowest point– I think I may have had, like,
$20 in my checking account. Financially, the American Kidney Fund was able to help him. And, I know that my mom, who
was my dad’s rock and advocate, was always so relieved
and so appreciative. Fortunately, over the last four years that I’ve been working with
the American Kidney Fund, you guys have been able to cover the cost of that premium for me. And that’s, ya know, that’s a big deal. It was life savin’– ’cause we couldn’t afford. See, after she quit work, she didn’t have nothin’ comin’ in at all. For an organization like
the American Kidney Fund to be able to lift that burden off of me, it’s just one less thing
I have to worry about. I can focus on my care and maintaining a level of health that will be able
to provide for my son and I. By Blue Cross and Blue Shield doin’ it like they did, I was stuck with a whole
lap full of bills. I’m sure I’m not the only one. The payment that the American
Kidney Fund sends to them, they would not accept the payment from the American Kidney
Fund for my treatment so it caused– a huge amount of bills
to come directly to me and I didn’t know how I
was gonna pay for that. It was over $100,000 worth of bills in a three month span of time. Insurances need to accept
the charitable payments. It helped my father
and insurance companies just need to be there for the patients and the patients’ best interest. I have received the premium assistance for several years now. And, without that premium assistance I would be, either, dead or bankrupt, or both.


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