The Provident Foundation

Provident Foundation, we were founded in 1995 by my grandfather James Miles and Edward Gardner, who was the CEO of Softsheen. Our mission is to provide opportunities for access to our youth of color in underserved communities to become our future doctors and nurses. More recently we have developed education programs which are targeting high school and middle school children here on the South Side of Chicago. And the idea there is to draw youth to be interested in the sciences in general, but also in medical fields specifically. We serve this population within the South Side of Chicago, so primarily Woodlawn, Bronzeville. And it aligned perfectly with the Community Programs Accelerator and the criteria that we needed to meet to be a part of it. So we hope to gain from this relationship by mining the expertise of the Accelerator regarding a number of areas that are important to our organization. One is getting advice on how best to set up governance and administration for our organization as we step up to the next level. So we applied because we were at a point where we knew we had achieved as much as we possibly could without the support of a core cohort and extension of a grant. I think that it’s so incredibly important for us as an organization to help us in our revitalization stages and the level of support that we will be able to receive from the Community Programs Accelerator, so it was just ideal for us. And we are totally honored and ecstatic to be a part of the Community Programs Accelerator family.

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