The Perfect Elevator Pitch To Get High Paying Clients – Premium Package Secrets Ep. 7


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I ve been watching your videos recently and I appreciate the importance you give to personal branding . Build reputation, the feeling scarcity to make clients make a move.

I’ve had some trouble trying to figure out how to create a distinct, more focused, elevator pitch because so many of the videos I’ve watched are so basic that I end up less enthused & this is the BEST elevator pitch tutorial. EVER!! Thanks Dan!!

Hey Dan been following you the last week and have made me reflect my skills and business to improve on from a small business owner to an entrepreneur. One day I visualize meeting you face to face and telling you about myself and my story

My personal feedback after following your videos : We all have the potential of becoming successful millionaires. Thank you once again

Dan. I've been following your videos for a while now; it has helped me scale my own business recently I went for a meeting, and I spoke just like you. Even my girlfriend feels I've become just like you. Man, you were the mentor I needed! 🙏

Thank you Dan, Your videos helped me confirm my ideas about doing business. Many people tell me I'm wrong and I shouldn't do it the way I do it but now I'm more confident of my approach to business. Thanks again.

I have been follow you since 3 months ago aprox. I read your books Fu Money, The Art of War and the Influence. I am in a pivot point of my business/career. Getting a lots of points from your videos that I am applying into my next sales product. I will keep posted. Thank you

I noticed that every good pitches Dan showed in the video all use the word 'help'. What I learn from that is,you are not trying to sell. You are offering a solution to a specific problem that people may have or dreams they want to realize. My biggest challenge right now is the narrowing part.

I help multi million businesses with no social media presence build up a powerful social media brand that dominates the market.

One December later – 09/12/2018 – Dans insight worked like a charm! Went from from stingy money/ customers to abundant money/ clients, entrepreneur life and income better in every way

Dan thank you so much! I listen to you about 5 times a day as I am building my business and I am learning so much. Thank much for sharing your wisdom and experiences with us. Thank you for helping me transform my life.

Your work has changed my mindset drastically and motivated me. My dream is to be on your level doing my own thing, and I think you are the one to follow. One question I have is how the hell do I connect with companies to sell my service?

Currently… I’m starting again from dust. I may not know all teachers of this kind of genre… But I think you’ve provided me more than enough with just 4 videos I had just watched. (I want to emphasize, MORE THAN ENOUGH). So direct and easy to understand. So certain and full of sense.
Xie xie Dan… You’ve just made another fan and hope out here.

Sifu, the sentence "I am not in the business of turning losers into winners, I'm in the business of helping winners win more" is super profound, and hit me hard!! Thank you!

Thank you Dan, I have actually applied this and focused in it and the results are amazing, "I help wholesalers to land contracts with big corporations, that assure the expansion of their business". I just had 2 quite big wholesalers laying the red carpet and agreen to all my terms.

Thanks Dan very appreciated.

Note: if you are looking to expand your wing-chung combat skills my brother can help you, he trained with one of the disciples of IP man and he has been teaching for over 10 years, preparing stunts for movies, trained Oscar de La Hoya to beat Pakiao in Las Vegas MGM. plus he is the no.1 in fencing nationally thanks to his knowledge of chinese sword fighting skills.

Dan Lok cuts out the bulls%$# and gets to the point. He's not setting you up for the $997. You can watch/listen to ANYTHING he has and grow from it.

Most honest, straight forward and his only agenda is to help you like he's trying to increase the 1%. Its up the individual to act on it.

I like all your videos Dan!! I watched your videos every morning as extra boost to my motivation for the day. Thanks for this new insight.

HI, DAN, i feel i had missed out your vedios in the past, enjoying your works and carefree talking , very practical,
i immediately trust people, and get into problem with them ,
THANKS FOR YOUR MOTIVATION – ALL these years ,i was giving away information for free , People enjoy ,
how do you "PHRASE -TITLES " FROM,

How do I use this strategy when selling in a venue area or festivals?
I understand once I'm with the person, I can use this strategy or with PR releases.

Hi Dan, I love your work. I prepare to apply what you teach in my work and I believe it will work.

I'm in the scarsety money making business,I'm positioning wide and reaching narrow….to people who dont have money,all to often. And I dont know what I dont now. Now what ? This probably even sound desperate. I realize my hope is in vain,as of now. My family deserves better then this. Thank you for this understanding of where I am. I am changing course.

I learnt a lot from this vid. I will implementing this in my daily life. I trying to make big in the luxury wedding segment. Will keep in touch once I get some results.

I found your channel just this week. I virtually lost my job, so I must start my own business right now. I don't believe in 'inspiration' and stuff like that, instead I believe in tools and valuable information and knowledge, and I think I have found them in your channel. Thanks a lot.

Waw! it is so powerful. It came at the moment I was writing my strategic statement for my SMEs strategy Consulting services. I love you, guy! you are the best ever!

Am trying about 24 years for to getting succes am 50 years old know. Perhaps i do many things wrong.A stay up and go to sleep whit my work.In 2018 a read the book of Napoleon Hill and i learnt a lot i was always negatief i must more focust on positief things and the video of Dan is also a good help i watch many of them.
He is a clevered man.

I started following and watching you a week and half ago and within that short space of time my mindset has been transformed.I have always wanted to be a high ticket seller but I have now learnt where I have been going wrong.I binge on your videos and I always have a notebook at hand.Your videos are helping me so much keep up the good work !

Hey! Dan, Thanks for positioning my mind-set on a selected client base, it make since; why spin wheels on something that is not going to work from the beginning, Do business with folks that have the money up front so you can focus on the issue at hand.

Hello Dan…Am into network marketing and I will like to know how your boy (me) can really stand out…how to increase my network??…Thank you.

An insurance agent shared this video in a FB chat we had. I subscribed because the information is powerful. It's the same information I received many years ago, narrow focus, wider audience.
I am now going to watch your videos along with Grant Cordones videos everday. 10X my narrow position, can't go wrong.

My business was stagnant and my personal life as well. I was living at my office, with three more months before my lease ended I came across your video the fear of success. In that video two things resonated with me very deeply I re-watched your video for one month straight every day several times a day while I was driving brainwashing myself so that my brain will take initiative so that it can react differently from what I’m used to. After that I signed a two-year lease to a brand new apartment bought the car that I want from there for one month I faced a very awkward timeframe which confused me because I was uncomfortable with luxury. I meditated for one month every day for 20 minutes and realize why I was uncomfortable. My father‘s voice in the back of my head , My family, friends, people I didn’t know their voices was putting me down judgment was holding me down I felt so uncomfortable I wanted to return the car. When I realize that it was those voices one month later I forced myself with every bone marrow and fiber in my body to get rid of it, now I can genuinely feel I want more from life in every aspect thank you very much for your perspective and your words of wisdom

Your works are great! And really practical.

Thank you for all the insightful tips.

I'm serial entrepreneur and business coach in Nigeria.

Quoted few points from your saying in my university presentation…
Got abundance of praise.
Thanks to you. Love from INDIA.

I have only 66 days left to sell 2.6 Million Euro 💶 Crypto Mining Contracts. I am in México City now and will not leave before it’s done. Without your videos i could never make it. Thank you Dan

You’ve helped me get off my ass and discover the ego’s (yes more than one) that are holding me back from doing what I know I’m supposed to be doing.. You’ve also helped me understand why I’ve been losing some of my clients when it was time to make an offer! Thank you DAN you’ve been a god send and can’t wait to meet you at one of your events

Thank you Dan for this message. I am in social Media Marketing and when I began, I it was almost impossible to ask for more than $100 per month. But now, I realize that I have been limiting myself. I also liked your video with Kevin David at Funnel Hacker. Today, I am seeing things differently. Thanks Dan

Dan you are amazing. I love the part about not turning losers into winners. I love your honesty. So many other you tubers crap on for minutes of drivel. You get to the point and punch out the facts. It is refreshing to listen to. I hope some day I find myself sitting next to you in a plane.

My biggest takeaway is that I need to have a narrow and clear type of problem that I solve for others and that I want to help winners win more.

I cannot sleep before watching at least one of you videos. You definitely gave me motivation to thrive for success in my own business and everyday I look forward to learn something new from you. Thank you so much for sharing all these informations. The first day I saw one of your videos I knew that I can learn a lot from you and this is what I have been doing since then, learning something new from you everyday. My business is in event planning and I have no background in sales or marketing but thanks to you I learned a lot and I keep learning. Not to forget that I am applying all your lessons to my business. One day I will host the biggest event for you in London 🙂 God bless you.

Hi Dan and team. In response to your request at the end of this video I'd like to let you know how much I've enjoyed your content over the past few months I've been following. It's so rich!!!

I'm based in Lagos and built a software product to solve a major problem for big players in a niche industry here. I've always known that my product delivered value but have been unable to get people to use it and have barely made any money. Because of your stuff I have a better idea why.

Your videos make everything so clear. Your explanations are logical and they simplify my entrepreneurial experience.
I've learned a lot from you, and I feel more powerful for it.

Thank you for doing what you do.


The work that you do, and release to the public is truly life changing. I am an 18 year old who is in the pursuit to get to the top, and the knowledge that you share has developed a whole new thought process. Every video allows for me to gain more knowledge about the right path to pursue. I tell my friends and share the videos with my friends because I want it to change their lives too. Just from the videos, and watching and listening for a few months, I am looking into classes. The information is truly lifechanging, and more people need to be exposed to this mindset. I started working at the age of 6 mowing lawns, and with that, I have realized I don not want to be stuck in a 9 to 5 grind for the rest of my life. There are endless ways to make money, and to be rich, and your information is showing me the right way to do it. I would like to personally thank you.

Hey Dan ,
Nice information in this video 👍🏻👍🏻
Can you tell one for . Cybersecurity Consultant.

Mister Dan Lok your YouTube channel to help me out in the little time I've been watching to have a positive outlook on things go from oh I can't do that to researching how can I do that I'm in the process of trying to learn how to copyright I'm looking it courses online foreclosing taking what you said in your videos and I'm making it work for me I want to thank you for doing this 4 people it has changed my thought process how to make money

First of all, I would like to thank you, Dan Lok, for all these very valuable information you've been sharing with the world.
Secondly, I've been watching and studying your videos, books and other training for awhile. I'm so grateful for coming across your YouTube Channel because this opportunity brought me so much clarity and focus into my personal and professional life.
Because of this great experience, today I've decided to take action and enroll in your High Ticket Closer Program and continuing to learn even more from you. Today is my birthday and this is the best birthday present I could give to myself.

Your videos have helped me closing more sales especially with this pitch style for my wedding live band business, thanks Dan

Hi Dan I'm abdy I really appreciate what you do ! You have definitely impacted my life, that's all I was looking for your words are gold ! Anything you said is true I really love the way you do it and explain it my life is changing I'm currently starting a business after been working 7 years pay check by pay check, I always felt that was not my place i want to thank you again and thank you for the great impact you had on my life I wish you the best really ! 😉 Thank you! thank you ! and thank you again and when I'll get to your level I will meet you promise !

I found your videos a few days ago and have been binge-watching ever since. This is by far my fav. I am not in the business of helping losers become winners. I am in the business of helping winners win more. Epic distinction. Thank you!

Dan Your hight ticket sales pitch is admired. I have applied this in my business. The results are highly successful.

I love with how much focus you listen to somebody. I have already implement that in my live and I thought I was a good listener.

Dan, thank you for your insightful approach. It's the first of your clips I have watched while doing research on drafting an elevator pitch. Apart from your "position NARROW, reach WIDE" approach, you "abundance money" aspect is spot-on and a game changer for me. Thank you!

This is really good. I am working on helping retailers to grow their sales productivity through Directive Communication Psychology… and working on how to further deliver my tag line.

Thanks Dan for the tips

I've been listening and shaping my closing skills using your tips! So far it works tremendously!

Your no nonsense advice works every time!

Hello Dan the man Lok, I love the branding, I love your Youtube Videos with the English Subtitles. I love your confidence, I love how you feel free to express your words. Ive read your book F.U. money and went ahead to purcahse other kindle books from Amazon…I am sooo ready to learn more and hungry for knowledge…You mention how you had a mentor in sales letters and I wish you can be my dream is to meet you one day and work hard as you have..I truly appreciate your knowledge and your powerful approach to success… Keep on Mentor…im watching your Youtube videos and the ideas are amazing!!!!

I think that the idea of evaluating the value of the results from the customer's perspective instead of my own is the thing I got from you that has made the biggest difference.
Next would have to be the idea of focusing very narrow. Diamond Yardmasters (TM) offers the best yardwork service in the world. But, we only provide yardwork service. No landscaping. No drip system work. If a customer asks us to plant something, we tell them we can dig a hole to their specifications, and put the plant and dirt in as directed, but we do not certify that the plant will survive.
We are the maid service for your yard. That is all we do, and nobody can do it better.

Hey Dan, so which coach/mentor would you recommend for starting a info-business from 0, and precisely turning one’s knowledge into a info-product? Thank you for everything: it’s eye-opening and life-changing. V

Dan. In this video, you've contradicted a renowned motivational speaker who told us to throw away the elevator pitch because it doesn't work.However, listening to your video today has made me pick up rhe elevator pitch again, this time, the Dan Lok way.. . Every time I listen to you, I realize why I've not had a breakthrough in my business ventures. They're good ventures becsuse I always easily get leads but didn't know about closing deals. I will find the money to hire you. Am shy to ask for good money because am afraid of losing my prospects. I think propects can sense my lack of confidence. You've emboldened me to stand my ground. I can't wait to apply your advice and share the results on this platform…Thank you..

I love your videos, they are truly life-changing. Within few days of watching your videos I learned more than from any sales courses, tips, books etc. This content is game changing! You are real master and I admire that you share such a valuable information with others and give them a chance to improve learning from you.

You once said that ENVIRONMENT is importance for success. Then i surround MY ENVIRONMENT with your Video everday.. to give me new insight n stay possitive thinking. Thx so much Dan.. look forward to see you in Indonesia.

Hey, Dan I’ve been following your content for my copyrighting. Ana I think you’ve made me the most money as for as copyrighting goes. Thanks a lot man look forwarded to meeting you in person someday

What if you are an expert in three things?
I have a PhD in chemistry.
I've honed my gourmet culinary skills since I was 10.
I've honed my computer skills since I was 12.
I still feel like I know nothing.

Thank you Dan Lok for your consistency in bringing out premium products. This gives me a guide line to cut out my niche and give the best to my target market. Thank you.

Thank you Dan Lok for your consistency in bringing out premium products. This gives me a guide line to cut out my niche and give the best to my target market. Thank you.

My Name is Santosh Immanuel from India your work has greatly impacted. As a start up software company we have learnt to qualify prospects to customers. Thanks Dan

My business is a clinical laboratory and and your videos help me a lot especially in making more sales with the existing patients or clients

My last two negotiations were with people who've just started their business. they wanted my service, but had not enough money to pay me. "you're getting started? I'm not your guy" if I had watched this video earlier, I would have saved time. "I'm not in the business of turning losers into winners. I'm in the business of helping winners win more." – I love you for this, Dan! You're my man!

I have understood that, I am not in the business of turning losers into winners, I am in the business of helping winners win more…Than you Dan..Ready to apply it..

I decorate cafes and restaurants, I supply furniture, lighting and mural. But I introduce my self as a mural specialist and that's what I use to approach my prospect and usually I meet the owner to discuss the mural theme or concept, and by that time I can offer my other services.

Excelent video. It resumes a lot of the sales process in a few words. I was shocked with the last part: "I'm not in the business of turning losers into winners…". I need to rethink how I do business.

Hi Dan,…I did a small business(san &stone supplier)…how to make it big? do I need to hire people?, or do I need to make partnership? or do I have to borrow money from bank?,…Thank you for your time and advise.

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