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World Finance: Thai Life Insurance became
an internationally recognised brand when its tear-jerking commercials became a viral sensation
three years ago. Its marketing strategy – dubbed ‘sadvertising’
– has created some beautiful art, and helped the 75-year-old business grow its assets under
management to $9bn. Joining me is the President of Thai Life Insurance,
Chai Chaiyawan. How are you managing the organisation to succeed, and grow into a leading life
insurance company in Thailand? Chai Chaiyawan: Actually, the key of our business
is the people. So, that’s why our vision is: ‘We are in the
people business.’ Running the business as a people business,
bringing our company to focus on human value more than business value. So as a company, we are a human value -centric
company. With that focus on the stakeholders, customers,
shareholders, partners, employees, and also the people in society. As human nature, we cannot live without others. So we are human because we have compassion
and love for each other. We have embedded a philosophy of humanism
in our core policies, because we believe that if we can build love and compassion in the
company, then the staff and the salesforce will take care of the company, and take care
of the community. World Finance: And those concepts of humanism
come through in your branding as well; how do you create it? Chai Chaiyawan: The most valued assets of
the company are brand and trust, that we build towards the customer. So, Thai Life Insurance aims to be the brand
that inspires the people in society, through television commercials and by the concept
of value of life and value of love. All our television commercials must be fresh
and catchy. With a controversial issue, and a real issue
– presented in a memorable, spiritual, emotional marketing format – to let the audience feel
gratitude. Which creates the identity of Thai Life Insurance. World Finance: So where do the ideas come
from, and which is your favourite? Chai Chaiyawan: Actually the ideas come from
the words loving, caring, and sharing. When we create the advertisements, we try
to point out that life insurance is essential to their life and their love. Actually, I love all Thai Life Insurance television
commercials. But the well-known one is called ‘The Dumb
Father.’ That was released in 2011. We tell the viewer that, maybe we never had
the best father; but at least we have the father who loves us with all their hearts,
and without condition. World Finance: So what do you hope to achieve
for Thai society through Thai Life Insurance? Chai Chaiyawan: Actually, we aim to be the
life inspired brand in Thailand. We want the people in society to realise the
importance of life insurance, through the value of love and the value of life. It comes from the royal remark of our late
king, King Rama IX. “The value of life is not wealth or longevity;
the precious life is worthiness of our life and others.” World Finance: And finally, what does the
future hold for Thai Life Insurance – and for your customer relationships? Chai Chaiyawan: The goal of Thai Life Insurance
is to be the most trusted brand, that inspires all Thais. This will resolve in Thai Life Insurance growing
sustainably, and hope that Thai Life Insurance will go to the stable organisation, run our
business based on customer and staff benefit, will give us sustainable growth. World Finance: Chai, thank you very much. Chai Chaiyawan: Thank you. Thanks for watching. You can view all of Thai Life Insurance’s
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