TextNow Free Premium ✅ How to Download TextNow++ on iOS App + Android APK 2019 🔥

hey guys today I’m going to show you TextNow Free Premium ✅ How to Download TextNow++ on iOS App + Android APK 2019 🔥
on iOS or Android completely for free so this will
only take a few minutes your time guys it’s not very complicated at all
if you’re an iOS open up your settings general background app refresh and make
sure this is on Wi-Fi mobile data this is just a step you have to do at the
start it’s on iOS only so if you’re an Android you don’t have to do this but
next step is open your web browser so in my case Safari I’ll type in sideload go
cc just like that I press GO and you’ll be taken to a list about just like this
so as you can see guys there’s a lot of apps on this list you can have a look
through them for in this example we’re just going to type in there it is hex
knock first applause so we’re just going to press start injection and wait for it
to be done with from their servers so guys this won’t take very long just
depends on your Wi-Fi speed but it’s only a one time process so it’s worth it
in the end scoring injection I’m almost done so now I will be kicking
to list of apps just like this all we have to do is donate to apps from the
list and don’t run number 30 second sorry so the reason we have to do this
is the bypass code chaining on iOS on Android very simple guys you don’t have
to do this process once so just both of the free apps download you might not
have the same apps as me but just whatever’s on your let’s do them so
we’re just waiting for these to finish downloading we’re just gonna star up
number 1 for 30 seconds I’m not gonna wait the full 30 because obviously I’ve
already put it on my face as you can see but just do the same for out number two
and once you’ve done that you will have X not plus class on your homescreen just
like that let’s go ahead and open up as you can see it is the tweaked version
premium alkoxide ion successfully activated enjoy all right so yeah fully
working guys so thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed hacks 9 + + I hope you
get a lot of good use out of it so guys if you did enjoy this video leave a like
comment and subscribe I’ll see you in the next one peace


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