SUSE Premium Support Services – Become the Office Superhero

You have a mission, to ensure your
business runs flawlessly. To keep things up and running 24/7 365, to facilitate
great work all the time. You also have to transform your IT infrastructure to keep
pace with the new digital economy. In other words, you have to be a superhero.
SUSE premium support services supports your mission. We provide dedicated
personalized support so that you get to be the superhero your company needs, and
deserves. Think of us as your personal sidekick, your trusted partner for when
you can’t do it alone. A non-stop dedicated expert who knows you, your
company, and your team. After all there are bad guys out there. Villains named
hacker, downtime, everyday problems, but with premium support services you don’t
have to worry. We get to know you we proactively search for identify and
solve problems before they can ruin your day. For us there’s no such thing as
inconvenient timing. With premium support services you get a fast start to
adopting a software-defined infrastructure with personal experts
dedicated to your business. It’s every day all day support services
that ease the bumps of implementation against hackers, and security threats. We
may not wear a cape, we don’t always wear skintight spandex,
but we’ve got your back. So you can meet the business needs of
tomorrow, today. Feeling like the superhero you are.

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