Sugar – The biggest artists give deserving fans the surprise of a lifetime

– [Adam Levine] Let’s do this. – Regular Thursday. – Just another Thursday. Hi guys.
– Hi, how are you? – Hey what’s going on guys? (group claps) – What’s the best thing
on the menu, like? – [Waitress] California
Chicken Sandwich. – California Chicken Sandwich,
lemme get one of those. We’re gonna sing a song,
is that cool for you guys? (screams) – What happens
when deserving fans get the surprise of their life? (cheers and applause) – I love crashing
any kind of party. – I never did this before. – If I ever met
Blake Shelton, wow. – I’m coming in to
surprise you, buddy. ♪ Stuck here for days ♪ – I am now a C5-C7 quadriplegic. I believe strongly
in women empowerment. – I was in about thirty foster
homes and two group homes. – [Woman] He works
with an organization that helps other
kids in foster care. – I was in rehab, actually. – He’s been right on task, with getting his kids,
getting his education. – I’m inspired to be
apart of a show like this because that’s the
spirit that I am. ♪ Don’t know you’re alive ♪ – Listening to that song
is like medicine to me. – It’s not even just the music, it’s just more like
the person he is. – With their music I feel ready to continue to be the
woman that I’ve always been. ♪ So let it go now ♪ – I never get nervous,
but I’m so nervous. ♪ Feel the ground
beneath your feet ♪ – Don’t blow the surprise. (cheers) – This is gonna be epic. – [Host] We have
a special guest. – [Adam] Let’s do this. (screams) – I’m like literally speechless. (screams and cheers) ♪ Let them know ♪ ♪ That you’re not done ♪ ♪ You’ve got a long way to go ♪ ♪ So shout it out ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ So shout it out ♪


I know this isn't related but I am running out of options and I'm not sure what to do so if needs to be deleted please do if not share with a friend

Brainwashing aftermath in full display. The way some fans react is pathetic and sad. I wouldn't react like that if God himself came down on Earth

Music is what heals and makes this Baby happy next to #PrincessSofia My Granddaughter is the love of my life 4 months old with Pulmonary Atresia #CHD❤ #AriaStrong❤ #UofM #OpenHeartSurgery

So what makes them deserving? Living their lives? If that's the case can I get some love. My story sad I'm trying to get the NAACP to help me with the shut I'm going through

My friend and I were playing a song guessing game and she played Sugar but I forgot what it sounded like so I clicked here and I was disappointed. But I can see there's a link in the video so byeeee I'm going to watch that now.

Snoop and homeboys making a difference and helping people get a second its hard to make it out of poverty I can relate a lot to this because when you are in a tough neighborhood and there's poverty there's really not a lot of Alternatives especially when you come from a dysfunctional family and seeing this it makes me feel good that people out there care about people that didn't have a good life

saw snoop i clicked and its really sad becuase every amazing thing hapoens in the USA and i was born their but i came to mexico just to see my father and now i have studied in mexico about all my life now its sad that i cant none of these stars in person becuase mexico where i live its only gun shots and robbery and i hope i see one of them if i return to USA

How do I nominate someone and how do I sign up since there’s a wedding snoop dog, bad bunny, Adam Levine, and Kelly clarkson

This show idea is angelic. 🤔😇🎉 More of this style of entertaining charity please! One thing, in the next series or another show, how about surprise concerts for fans who are tireless charity volunteer workers? They are the hidden saints of this world and need almost as many blessings as the people they help! ❤️😍😇🥳

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