Sterling National Bank and CareFinders Total Care

CareFinders Total Care is a New
Jersey-based home health care company that provides certified home health
aides to take care of elderly people in their homes. I’m Linda Mintz the Co-Chairman of
CareFinders Total Care. We really provide the best quality non skilled
care for elderly people. We have 8 offices throughout New Jersey so we service
pretty much the whole state of New Jersey. The people at Sterling National
Bank have been incredible partners for us. It’s very important for them to
really understand the health care industry because obviously the
financials are different with every type of company and Sterling National Bank
does have a very good presence in terms of healthcare. The whole strategy of the business is to grow and to
acquire additional businesses we’re looking at businesses outside of state
of New Jersey were looking at businesses in Pennsylvania and we’d
like to eventually go throughout the whole northeast and Sterling National Bank is
growing and we’re going along with the bank. I’ve worked with many other commercial
banks over a thirty-year career and Sterling National Bank really does
provide above and beyond what any other commercial bank has ever provided me or
any other business that I’ve ever been involved in.

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That's a lie I was in a vehicular accident . I explained this to them I am in debt . Cause if they would have frozen the account this would not have happen ,it took sterling 30 over draft before they froze. No one ever even bother to contact me by phone to let e know what was happening.
I have explained the circumstances and I have the medical and police report and the told me they will only refund 2checks,this bank crooked.

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