Step 3: The Life Insurance Process – Medical Exam

The third step in the life insurance process
is the medical examination. The medical exam is required for most types
of life insurance. life insurance companies use the information
from the medical exam to help determine your rate.
The medical exam is free and will be scheduled at your convenience.
The exam is administered by a traveling nurse who will weigh and measure you, check your
blood pressure, and take a blood and urine sample.
The exam findings, along with your application, are then submitted to the insurance company
you’ve selected. To get the best results on your exam, follow
these tips. First, be sure to get plenty of sleep the
night before your exam. Try to avoid stress of any kind.
Avoid all alcoholic beverages. And avoid all forms of caffeinated drinks.
These can all cause artificially high blood pressure and pulse readings.
Avoid all tobacco. Avoid all foods high in salt content.
Avoid eating eggs and all other high cholesterol foods at least a day or even two days before
your exam. Remember to fast six to eight hours prior
to your exam. And finally, consider drinking a large glass
of water one hour before your exam. If you have any questions about the exam,
please call or visit us online to speak with a licensed advisor.

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Before applying assess your situation. The application process is not just about your current health it is about your health, financial, and personal history – ALL OF IT.Be sure you are comfortable with giving insurance companies full access to that information. Also, the questions are totally invasive so any mis-communication can be used against you as a reason to deny coverage to your beneficiaries. My advice is live as healthy as possible, save your money, and don't go into debt.

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