Stanton Friedman, Lifetime Achievement award at Alien Cosmic Expo 2018

so The canadian research council on ufos which mufon and i have just founded recently We are going to present to you a lifetime achievement award to stanton t friedman in recognition of his dedication commitment and Relentless pursuit of the truth in the field of ufology Presented, june 23rd 2018 at the alien cosmic expo congratulation stan in a testing unaccustomed as i am to public speaking i figured out i gave my first lecture on ufos in 1967 Which seems horribly long, ago It’s been a long run and I will be at roswell in a couple of weeks and that’ll be about just about the end of it And if you had told me sixty years ago That i would give over 700 lectures and all over the world i’d have laughed, my head off i was under the crazy impression When i took, my first job general electric well They’ve got many branches i was 22 i looked at the chart i could retire when i’m 57 You know three years later i was good that time on my, own so What i’m saying is you don’t know? Which way, you’re, gonna wind up Where you’re, gonna go and what a strange pattern 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years and then 35 I’ve enjoyed living in fredericton new. Brunswick and we’ve been in our present house for 35 years and So life goes through different stages and i must say It’s been stimulating to me to meet so many wonderful people To, have a chance to visit so many places you Know from australia to saudi arabia With a stop in china, and south korea and places like that who, would ever have thought it i was going to be a scientist for 30-some years and retired We still haven’t retired i’m trying right now But it’s hard to do But i am most grateful for this, award it will go on the wall I’ve got a few others to go with it And i appreciate your kindness and giving it to me and having me here Thank you very much you


Stanton is the best in UFO research. He's the most credible, well studied and intelligent. He deserves this more than anyone.

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