SOURCE Orb 3 Premium Kit Tutorial

Let’s have a look at the SOURCE orb 3
Premium Kit; this kit features six different atomizers, three preset
voltages, and a convenient wax storage container built right into the battery.
Inside the box you’ll find: one SOURCE orb 3 attachment, one SOURCE volt
nano battery, one 3 Series single quartz coil, one 3 Series double
quartz coil, one 3 Series double coil in black ceramic, one 3 Series double
coil in white ceramic, one 3 Series SOURCE Terra ceramic cup, one 3 Series
SOURCE Terra quartz cup, one premium tool, one travel charger, and one microfiber
cleaning cloth. Unscrew the SOURCE orb 3 attachment torso and mouthpiece, and then
choose your desired 3 Series atomizer and screw it clockwise onto the base of
the SOURCE orb 3 attachment. Place your material onto the atomizer heater
using your dabbing tool, and then screw back the Source Orb 3 attachment
torso and mouthpiece. Press the power button five times sequentially to lock
or unlock your battery, and then press the button three times quickly to toggle
through the preset voltages until you’ve reached your desired setting.
Press and hold down the power button to heat up the atomizer, inhale slowly, and
you’re dabbin’! The SOURCE orb 3 Premium Kit has three voltage settings as indicated
by the light surrounding the power button, which can be toggled between by
pushing the button down three times quickly. The green light indicates the
lowest voltage setting, between 2.6 volts to 3.2 volts; the
blue light indicates the medium voltage setting, between 3.2 volts
and 3.7 volts, and red is the highest voltage setting, sitting between 3.7
volts and 4.2 volts. To wrap things up, let’s talk about some of the key
features of the SOURCE orb 3 Premium Kit which make it such a stellar device. The
first is the inclusion of 3 voltage settings; this gives you added
flexibility and allows you to get the most out of each different atomizer
available, as they each require their own voltage
for their best performance. The second is how easy the orb 3 Premium kit is to use.
With just one function button and intuitive controls, you’ll be getting
satisfying draws in no time, regardless of your experience level. The third is
the inclusion of six different atomizer choices; these all vary in heat retention
properties, and therefore, will give you a big selection of vapor styles to choose
from. Whether you prefer a smooth flavorful vapor or thick powerful clouds
the orb 3 Premium Kit has what you need. The SOURCE orb 3 premium kit is a strong
set for those seeking a high quality wax vaporization experience with a
delicious selection of atomizers. I’m Mike for TVape TV; thanks for tuning in! I
hope you found this one useful, and for all you connoisseurs out there, keep

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