SOURCE Nail XL Premium Kit Tutorial

Let’s have a look at the SOURCE nail XL
Premium Kit; this set is one of the many wax vaporizer kits from SOURCEvapes,
combining a premium wax pen setup with a water-filtered e-nail. Inside the box
you’ll find: one SOURCE nail XL attachment, one SOURCE 510 attachment, one
XL split glass bubbler, one SOURCE nail XL glass globe, one SOURCE nail premium
battery with silicone container, one magnetic base, one 4 Series coil-less quartz atomizer, one 4 Series coil-less ceramic atomizer, one 4 Series
coil-less titanium atomizer, one micro-USB charging cable, and one magnetic carb cap
and tool. To get started in the e-nail configuration, first you’ll want to fill
up the base of the glass bubbler attachment with about a quarter ounce of
water. You should do this with the attachment separate from the unit itself.
Screw your desired atomizer onto the battery and carefully slide on the glass
bubbler attachment. Press the power button five times to turn the unit on,
choose your desired voltage, load the atomizer with a small amount of material,
and you are ready to go! To use your unit as a vape pen, screw the XL glass globe
attachment to your battery. Carefully pull the glass from the attachment and
screw on your choice of atomizer. Using the included tool, load your atomizer
with about 1/2 a rice grain’s worth of the concentrate material, and then replace
the glass globe again. Five quick clicks will turn the unit on, four quick clicks
will toggle you until you reach your desired voltage setting, and you are
ready to vaporize! The SOURCE nail XL Premium Kit has three voltage settings
which you can toggle between by quickly pressing the control button four times
in a row. Red is your lowest voltage ranging between 3.3 volts to 3.5
volts, in the middle we have purple ranging from 3.5 to 3.7 volts,
and blue is your highest voltage, sitting between 3.7 and 3.9 volts.
For best results, we recommend starting on the lowest voltage, where the vapor
will be the most smooth and flavorful, and then working your way up from there
if more cloud production is desired. To wrap this one up, let’s talk about some
of the key features of the SOURCE nail XL Premium kit which make it such a
stellar device. The first is the built-in silicone wax container, which allows you
to take some extra concentrate with you on the go without having to carry an
additional container – very handy to have! The second is the inclusion of multiple
attachments in this kit; you can set your unit up as a wax pen, e-nail or even
attach the e-nail to a larger water pipe, if you have one on hand. The third is the
atomizer selection that comes with the SOURCE nail XL Premium Kit. With the
varying heat retention properties of the coil-less titanium, ceramic, or quartz
atomizers included, it’s a breeze to get the particular style of vapor that you
prefer. The SOURCE nail XL Premium Kit is a strong unit for those seeking a
high-quality wax set which offers satisfying vapor time after time. I’m
Mike for TVAPE TV, we hope you enjoyed this video and found
it useful, and, for all you connoisseurs out there, keep vapin’!

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