Sony Xperia XZ Premium Unboxing & Setup

are you – Brittany here from petal today
we have another great device massive thank you to Vodafone UK sending this
out to us to take a look at this is the Xperia XZ premium for 2017 so let’s get
into the unboxing and setup so on the front here you’ve got the Xperia you do
have an X there you have Sony but to actually find out which model you have
we need to turn down to the bottom here and it says Xperia x8 premium coming
around to the back of our device we will find our specs squeezing it to the
bottom of the corner here which I can’t really understand but these specs are
very impressive to start off with ever 19 megapixel camera which has a motion I
13 megapixel selfie camera display is a 5.5 4k HDR display it has a USB c4
connection a massive 3213 minute hour battery which can last you forever all
Acoma slap a dragon and that’s an optical and that is an 8-3 five chip 64
gigabytes of on-board storage as an IP 65 68 rating for dust and waterproof has
4 gigabytes of RAM as well and it’s running the latest Android version so
turning back around if we’re just going to lift the lid off here so first of all
we have our device sitting in its tray there which we’ll have a look at in more
detail in a second next we will find our paperwork also
inside here you’re going to get some headphones with your packaging – inside
here you’ve got a startup guide and then also about warranty and information as
well underneath you’ll find a three prong plug here with that pop up third
pin and also you’re going to find it your USB slots on the rear finally we
will see our USBC cable to us be here for charging and syncing and that is USB
c-type 3.1 so we just have some cellophane protection to take off here
so one turnarounds the back again you have information hubs details putting
your SIM card SD cards looking at the back here you
can see it lost fingerprint and marks it straight away you see that massive that
19 megapixel lens there and on the front let’s boot it up and get into the setup
process so while this is just powering up if you do have any questions or
comments please leave them down below I’d be very happy to help you out let me
know what you think of the sony xperia x8
premium first of all it says welcome English United Kingdom and one thing I
want to just point out before we begin this vision settings down here fantastic
to see as you all know I’m visually impaired and I always look out for the
accessibility settings and to see if they are on here on the setup process
and it’s nice to see that Android is running this out now with most of their
devices in their setup process right from the get-go so let’s begin here our
first section is just about important information again tick the boxes that
apply to you next is mobile connection so we can choose to use Wi-Fi or our
mobile connection we’re going to use our beta connection here so we can copy data
from a previous device or start up as a new device with their star-fuckers new
one next will be our Wi-Fi connection so you can add your Wi-Fi connection if you
so wish so it’s just going to check for any update or any system information
that it may need now it has mobile data connection then you will be asked to
sign in to your Google account if you do not have a Google account you will need
to create drugs and then you can then use all of that services and you can
purchase apps movies games TV shows and music next it will ask us to add a name
for our device and this is a key thing to do
this device unlocks with a fingerprint sensor so we’re going to select setup
fingerprints it’s going to ask us which other method we would like to use so a
finger print and pattern fingerprint and password fingerprint and pin so I’m
going to use pattern to the fingerprint sensor is built into the power button on
the side here we need to do is just lift and move your fingerprint around to our
fingerprint is all set up and ready to go next we have Google services
experience services who can get added benefits exterior intelligence engine
anything else we can set up anything else as well we need to then you’re
ready to go about our device and here we are here is
the home screen for the Xperia XZ rhenium and I can’t wait to test out
this device and especially that 4k screen so this will only work with 4k
content your screens not always going to be in it ok so with YouTube you can
watch 4k videos Netflix 4k and also Amazon Prime video is in 4k like I said
if there is any issues please do leave a comment down below if you have one of
these great devices please let me know thanks always for watching if you want
to please leave a thumbs up as it will help me to know which videos are doing
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