SLS Dubai Lofts and Duplexes (Субтитры)

– Subhan so tell us please about this fantastic project. What do you guys have here? – First of all SLS Dubai is the flagship project for SLS International. – If you’ve ever traveled to LA, Miami, Bahamas Vegas, – you’re familiar with a boutique luxury Hotel Group SLS. – The same group is coming out here. – SLS is part of SBE Group. – SBE has successfully launched and handed over 175 locations internationally. – That’s about 2 billion dollars worth of real estate already sold. – We have a plan to bring more 2 billion dollars worth of real estate more internationally. – That translates into another 175 locations which are planned and coming soon. – So all of that experience and all of that luxury that we have from all over the world is finally coming to Dubai. – In Dubai, if you want to have a larger space, a loft, a duplex apartment. – What options do we have? – Well, not that many. – There are not that many options, right? – So if we’re looking to have a bigger size and to live in a larger studio a larger one bed … – a larger two-bedroom the choices are very limited. – So we’re coming in and we’re redefining off plan. – We’re redefining luxury and we are redefining the payment plan. – Okay, Subhan so what types of units do you have over here? – So we have studios. We have one bedrooms on the simplex floor. – We have one bedroom on a duplex and one-bedroom lofts … – as well as two bedroom, duplex, and two bedroom lofts. – All the sizes are maximized for you to enjoy a large outdoor living area, yes? – They’re not balcony. These are not balconies here. – These are nice outdoor living areas where you and your friends can have a nice evening outside, – have dinner, have shisha, taking views of the city and really enjoy both … – your indoor and your outdoor lifestyle all from the comfort of your own home. – The height of the units on the simplex is 3 meters … – and the height of the loft unit is 7 meters tall. – The building is set up with 34 floors of residential then about 20 floors of the hotel apartment … – and then 10 floors approximately 10 floors of the hotel component … – and then we have the crown jewel that diamond on top. Yes, this project has its own crown. – Upon arrival, the hotel guests will do the check-in at the sky lobby – where they will be amazed by the view. – Up there you will find some prime restaurants from award-winning chefs, spa and gym. – And my favorite part is 2 infinity swimming pools with a 360-degree view of Dubai. – Swimming at the SLS is guaranteed to be the most luxurious experience in town. – Subhan so, where are we right now? – Right now we are in the show apartment. – This is the studio. This is the actual view actual picture taken, right? – So we are sitting right now in the mock-up the studio flat. – I hope everybody comes … – To come you know, you need to register with Denis – so that he can bring you to the studio to the show apartment. – I hope everybody comes in today to breathe in that air to breathe in that luxury. – You’re getting iconic views of all of Dubai, downtown, Business Bay, – all the oceans, the World Islands, the iconic views of all of Palm Jumeirah, Bur Al Arab. – Everything that you want and everything that you need is right here. – This is not a balcony. This is an outdoor living area … – where you and your friends can enjoy a nice meal together, – you and your friends can sit out here, enjoy some shisha and just really soak in that lifestyle. – SLS Dubai is an iconic building that you don’t want to leave. – Subhan, you told us that apartments here are rotated by 45 degrees … – and over here I definitely can see it so like each unit will have a fantastic view. – It will not be like you will look towards like a building next to you. – Can you tell us a little bit more about like the balconies and the view that people can expect here? – Well, actually this is a great place to see – When we look at the Business Bay and downtown buildings we see very rectangular boxes. – So when you’re sitting inside your apartment, you just look are looking at your neighbor or just looking at whatever you see. – So this will be your apartment when you flip it on that 45-degree angle – and the balcony is in such a way that when you walk out to the edge of the balcony – it opens up like at 180 degrees. – So when you open that up you’re are able to maximize your views – where each unit will always be looking to towards the sky – and towards… you know not be looking towards directly towards your neighbor. – Like me and you, we’re sitting across from each other, right? – We’re looking at each and each other. – But as soon as we move a little bit to that 45 degrees angle it just opened up. – It’s such a fantastic solution for Dubai. – It’s maximizing the space. – Subhan thank you so much for your time – and thank you for showing us around. – It’s such a fantastic project and it’s really really impressive. – Thank you for coming out. You guys are welcome to come out anytime. – We’re here to serve and help you. – Yeah! And yes if you want to come and see it yourself … – it will be a pleasure for us to show you around. – Thank you for watching this video and will see you in the next one. – Goodbye.


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$550million project 👉 The SLS Dubai

Flagship project from the famous American brand.🇺🇸

One of the tallest buildings in Dubai.
Wide variety of Lofts and Duplexes.
7m high ceilings.
Two infinity swimming pools on the rooftop.
Unobstructed 180-degree city views from each apartment.

Size range:
Studio: 669-698 sqft
1 bed: 808-1,124 sqft
1 bed Loft: 1,081 – 1,337 sqft
1 bed Duplex: 1,133 – 1,256 sqft
2 bed loft: 1,779 sqft (only 4 units in entire project)
2 bed Duplex: 1,917 – 1,962 sqft

2 bed Duplex comes with the maid's room.

Anticipated completion: Q3 2020
Anticipated service charge: AED 20 per sqft

For more information and to arrange a viewing:

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Outstanding living areas concept rather than balconies in Dubai, Thanks dear sir to show us👌😱✔

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