Silence of Love : Thai Life Insurance Commercial (English Subtitled)

I want a better dad. The one who isn’t a mute. (the dumb’s child) The one just like everybody else’s. (your dad’s a dumb) The one who can hear my voice. The one who can speak and know what I want. (please don’t let her die.) (I have some saved up. I have a house. You can take it!) (but you can’t let her die!) (Eat more. You can still get taller.) (study hard!!) (My girl must live a happy life!) (Happy birthday, I wish you all the happiness, love from daddy.) (I’m born mute.) (I am so sorry.) (I can’t speak…. like anybody else’s dad.) (But I just want you to know that you are my everything.) (Just give her my blood!) maybe.. there’s no such thing as the best dad. Only the one who loves you more than anything. take care of your loved ones.


i cry every single time i do anything that has to do with this commercial. i cant. i feel like my tear ducts are gonna dry up or some shit

Seriously, I am stoic as shit. The unflappable sort, you know? Mother. Fucking. Thai Life Insurance commercials. Got me weeping like a willow…damn

DAMN why do these people make the saddest commercials EVER???? like the fuck?? im crying A RIVERRRRR OMG i want to die. they showed one of these in class and I was gonna cry i wanted to but people were there
i came here from the 'a love to kill ost' bc someone commented about it…damnnn…its sadder than that drama

i feel like shit for not crying. claw my eyes out or something, because if a gum commercial can make me cry, but not this, something's wrong.

Great performance by the man, makes me sad to see how much he cares and tries to see his daughter be so cruel. As well the other school children, Poor man 🙁

So so sad! I swear that someone is chopping onions in my room😭😭 I can't believe that she could be so cruel



I believe that. I'll move on with that conclusion. Ain't gon' be cryin!

if only parents still felt that sentiment that life is precious and children are the future instead of being so damn selfish and wanting to stay on their phones and party.

I have seen this SO MANY TIMES but I can't get even too far without tearing up. I love these commercials, they are really great but…I can't handle them ;-;


This is a good take on the lives of people who are deaf/hard of hearing/mute, because not only do they experience prejudice but also their children, just because the parent is different. This can often force the child to "grow up" faster, be it simply interpreting or helping to look after younger siblings, and they can understandably have unhappy feelings about it.

Good thing this is fake or else it would be stuck in my head forever and cry every time but it's still stuck in my head 😢😢😢😢😢😢😓

Out of my own denial I'm filling the ambiguous ending with my own denial and refusal of this sad bullshit: the dad later wakes up to see his daughter who realizes that she should love her dad and then her dad tells her everything he said while in his sleep and happy birth day, a few weeks later they get discharged from the hospital and realize that Thai life insurance covered their bill so they're all good. The end

There's an abundance of people commenting on how they cried, yet I find myself with no tears whatsoever. However this is quite sad, but should I be worried that I didn't cry?

This is fucking AWFUL!!! What human says this shit about their mute father?!? Like fuck her dude. The man is a loving father. Who made this?!? I'm not even crying. I'm mad.

This is just my thought: I think the deaf/mute disorder hindering the father's communication skills is analogous to the lack of communication Asian parents have with their kids. I've read that East Asian cultures show their love through gift giving and financial support/sacrifice, but aren't good at verbalized love for their children. This causes the children to feel a great lack of emotional support, and the parents to get angry because they feel unappreciated. I think this ad is biased in favor of the father's point of view. Sure he does works very hard to support her, and sure he will give his life for her, but if he goes back to being an asshole once he wakes back up and not taking the time to understand why she feels the way she does, or why she felt the need to take such drastic measures, he is just as much to blame. You can also see in the beginning of the ad how the daughter is being savagely bullied but her father is feeling some random story while neglecting to sense that something is clearly wrong – he "speaks" more than listens and in fact the girl gets no written dialogue in this entire ad. The ad is definitely sad, but promotes regressive ideals that seems to victim-blame the girl's suicide attempt.

"The audience crying isn’t our main objective. However, we want people to appreciate the ‘Value of Life’, which is a core value of the brand. What people should takeaway is that Thai Life Insurance truly and deeply understands the value of life, and this creates opportunities for us." Thai Life Insurance guy talking about why they create the ads this way

First time I watched this I cried like a bitch but now I'm like "did she slit her wrist bc she's ashamed of her dad ?" This is fucked up.

Is someone cutting up onions in my room? Anyways the question is how did the daughter end up bleeding to death?

At first I dint know what the tube of blood was but that’s when I looked carefully at the subtitles and saw take my blood

I love my dad so much that this made me cry and everyone is not perfect 😭😭😭😢😭😭

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