Sideswiped – Ep 2 “Baby Steps”


Lol, she's so dramatic when he's getting the pound out of his mouth. Why is sad music playing, it's not a big deal lol

I hate when women shave or wax, because if they don't do it all the time you go to enter and it feels like sandpaper

So she can not want a relationship with the guy and just use him physically, but when he does it she has to feel bad about it?

If if if if if if petrol (ATF) stop burning in Aircraft up in the sky then there hv to have an emergency landing to remain Alive.
Am i correct in my sensible thinking ???????

Not just the jaguar car but a %share holding in Jaguar car company too.
It means she earns on every jaguar car sold around the globe.

Ha ha ha

Would a girl like that really date a guy like that? Seriously? That can't be reality. He's a total loser and has no business dating any women.

I am all three of these women. Over 50 with grown children/grandchildren; single and out of the loop; still raising a teenager. Smh.

She's like"I Don't Wanna Have Sex"
He's like That's Ok.

Pull her Pants Down and Sticks it In LMAO 😂

Clueless Animal.

My life is just like her sister's.. he won't even even discuss 😢
Married for 9yrs .. but i dono him.. in foreign country at least mom n sis help… In india u just hv to let go n get busy with office work, home work and baby work… Atleast YT helps forget my miserable life

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