Sherwood – Ep 1 ”The Future Robin Hood”

When I was a kid,
the old people told us how there used to
be land everywhere – a whole world of dry land. But that was before the floods, before we were
forced into the mud. Then they told us how
the people here thought they were saved when
King Richard built Sherwood. New city, new hope
for life, right? But they took Sherwood from us. Now someone has to
take Sherwood back, and since no one else
is offering, I guess that someone’s me. [THUNDER RUMBLES] Attention, citizens. Insurgents are among us. Outsiders with no respect
for the rule of law continue to invade our homes and steal from us. These crimes – cannot be allowed to continue.
– Iniko, wrap it up. OK, OK, Gripper, wrapped up. Hello, beautiful. Ungrateful sea-dwellers
bring with them crime, hatred for our way of life. Yeah, because you took our
medicines, food, water. We are building a new city. A city safe from the storms
that threaten us and safe from those
outside our walls. You mean Sea Croppers like me? The Upper City only stays as
safe as its borders are strong. Hmm. Feel safe from me, do you? I speak now to those
who seek to destroy us. Law is the law, and it will be enforced. Maybe this or that. Mm. Uh-huh. We of the Upper City will
not tolerate this behaviour. We will find you. We will arrest you. Now! We will- [STUTTERS] – Hey, look at that. It worked.
– [SEAL BARKS] Ha! That’s hilarious! [SHUSHES] You want
the drobos to hear you? Relax, Mom. Run! What’s that, Sheriff?
You want a little fishy snack? Out of the way! Hey! Whoa, nice! What a catch. Who is that? Forget her! Move! Yeah, nice meeting you too. Hi. I’d stay and chat,
but I gotta fly. See you. ♪ Together we’ll rise. ♪ Together we’ll fight as one ♪ in the deep of the ocean, ♪ and in the coldest night. ♪ Together we’ll shine. ♪ Together we’re alive.
Let’s run. ♪ We will fight as one ♪ forever, ♪ and we’re never giving up. ♪ [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] – Savour that.
– Thanks, Tui. Might not be any
more for a while. – Robin?
– Auntie! Been raiding again, eh? I most definitely have
not been raiding again. These meds just dropped from
the Upper City into my hands. [CHUCKLES] A miracle! Miracle my foot. It’s going to help you, right? [SIGHS] Not just me. There are plenty of
Sea Croppers who need it. [CURIOUS MUSIC] Drop this note off
at Lot 62 for me. Yes, ma’am, will do. Clever. Can’t be too careful, with the
Sheriff’s many eyes watching. – I’m not scared of him.
– And that’s what scares me. [INDISTINCT YELLING] Drobos! Run! Stay back. [PANTS] BOTH: You again?! Come to apologise for
leaving me hanging? Really, Gripper? Run! Get out of here! Now! [EXCLAIMS] [GASPS] [SCREAMS] Hey, bolt breath! Put her down! Ah! The gauntlet was stolen? Yes, but there’s
no cause for concern. Oh. And I should take
your word for it? Not mine! The head engineer
programmed it. DNA secured, looks at certain chromosomal
markers or something. But you let the thieves escape? No! Well, yes, but I’m on it. We have security footage. We found the hooded one in
some disgusting mud market. But he,… oh, alluded us. However, the old lady
has been apprehended. Soon our methods
will convince her to give up this Insurgent Hood. Make sure she does. Any means necessary. And don’t disappoint me again. [BREATHES HEAVILY] Where’s Auntie? Where’s Tui? No one here but you,
Little Mermaid. Those drobos took her,
and it’s all your fault! You led them to us! I think what you
meant to say is, ‘Thank you for
saving my puny life.’ Out of my way.
I have to save her. You’re not going
anywhere, miss…? Robin. My name’s Robin. – What were you doing up there?
– None of your business. You want to get back
to your aunt or what? All right! Medicine. People are sick- Yeah, those Upper Crusters hoard
it all for themselves. We know. Can this hunk of junk take
me up to the surface now? ‘Hunk of junk’? This is a genuine, customised, state-of-the-art
pirate submarine! Aye-aye, Captain Blue-Hair.
Permission to disembark? How do we know that you
won’t go yapping around town – about what you’ve seen here?
– Please. No one would be interested
in what a mecha-hand and his pirate sidekick have in their
‘state-of-the-art’ piece of- – Watch your mouth!
– I’m not the sidekick. He’s the sidekick! Now this is interesting. We’re, uh,… collectors. Yeah, and I’m King Richard! Faulty ACC. Useless. – You said-
– Oh I don’t know! – It looked valuable!
– [GASPS] But this on the other hand… Huh? What the-? What’s happening? What is this thing? We stole that fair and square!
Give it back. OK, OK! I don’t want it.
I’ve just got to deactivate it. Careful! Maybe if you, um… Just give me minute!
I know what I’m doing. [GRUNTS] Come on. Yeah. You know your
stuff, all right! – [CHUCKLES]
– This is some weird, new tech I haven’t seen before. [SCOFFS] I don’t have
time for this now! I’ll figure it out
after I rescue Auntie. Are you nuts? She’ll be
imprisoned in the Cube. How are you going to get there? You’re going to take me in this
beautiful, state-of-the-art sub! [BOTH LAUGH] Your brain must be waterlogged! Come on, guys. Tui is all I have left, and you led a bunch of
drobos right to her! – You owe me.
– We owe you?! We saved your life, and then
you took our gauntlet! So… Yeah, I’d say the score’s about
hundred for us, Robin – zero. You plan to cut it off my arm? Thinking about it! Well, then the deal is
if you get me to the Cube, I’ll figure out a way
to give this back to you. I’m not getting
anywhere near the Cube. We get caught there, we’ll
never see daylight again. I just need you to get me close.
I can do the rest. Please. OK. But the minute you’re out,
you get that thing off and we part ways for good. Deal? Deal. I knew you were trouble. [DISTANT SCREAMING] So, what’s a nice girl like you
doing in a place like this? [SCOFFS] No. They
said civil disobedience, but I’m not supposed to be here. – ‘Course not. None of us are.
– [DOOR OPENS] Wakey-wakey. Ah, if it’s not our
dear little, um,… – Rose, wasn’t it?
– Yes! Yes, I’m Rose Trefgarne. Mr Gisbourne, please you
have to listen to me. Are you not enjoying your
little holiday down here with… the Lower City scum? Tell me everything you
know about Insurgent Hood. I’m not afraid of you.
You’re just a boy. [CHUCKLES] ‘Just a boy.’ Tell me where Insurgent Hood is! Stop! [TUI SCREAMS] I’m only doing this cause if someone could get
me back to my brothers, I’d make ’em. Yeah, I don’t
like seeing families split up. I knew you’d understand. Though, Tui’s not
really my aunt. – I’m turning this sub around.
– No! She’s all I have. She took me in
after my mum died. When my mom and dad died, me and
my brothers just sailed off. I wish I remembered my dad. Mum said he died in the prisons. Barely remember either of mine. With them gone, I got
sent to the salt mines. Is that where you
got your fancy arm? The better to dig with – and
better to dig my way out with. [ALL LAUGH] OK, [SIGHS] there’s the Cube. Don’t go any closer. Wait for me behind that turbine. Then what? I swim. This is crazy. Hey, Captain. You sure you don’t want
to add prison escape to your pirate resume? Tempting, but
I like being alive. You’ll need these. And get back before
the storm hits. The gauntlet’s not worth
dying in a monsoon. Aye-aye, Captain. Bet you a hundred rations
she doesn’t come back. I dunno. Kid’s got,… well,
definitely not brains, but something. ♪ Searching.
Don’t know what I’ll find. ♪ But I’m ready for the dive, ♪ and if I reach a mountain, ♪ I’ll be ready to climb. ♪ I’ll follow my heart
until it takes me… Whoa. A Cyber-Bit N-E-8-40. They still make these? ♪ …where I will be free. ♪ Yeah, why upgrade when
no sane person would break in? [CHUCKLES] From here to here,
and then out… there. OK, Auntie.
I’m coming to get you. She’s obviously been trained
to withstand interrogation. It’s only a matter of time
before she talks. – [BEEPING]
– [CHUCKLES] – Is it my birthday?
– No. Your birthday is in Decem… Oh. Looks like we’re heading
back into the Cube. I can handle it. Not this again. I am the head of security. Because I made you
head of security. – But, father- – I think you mean ‘sir’,
don’t you? [GRUNTS] [TENSE MUSIC] [EXCITING MUSIC] [SCREAMING, YELLING] [DOOR OPENS] Auntie? Robin! You can’t be here!
They’re looking for you. It’s OK. You’re that hooded insurgent
Mr Gisbourne was talking about. My fame precedes me.
And you are? This is Rose.
She’s coming with us. Oh, OK. Hi. Cool hat. How did you get in here? – In is the easy part.
– [DOOR OPENS] Out might be a bit harder. Ah, Insurgent Hood. Let’s see what garbage the tide washed up this time. You’re a girl?! Well, Little
Miss Freedom Fighter, not so free now. Oh, what have you been eating? Fishy snacks? Gisbourne! Show this rat what we do
with insurgent scum. Oh. My pleasure. [GRUNTS] [BOTH GRUNT] [GRUNTS] – Let’s go!
– Get off me. Get me out of here. Now! [ALL PANT] – Where now?
– Down here! Wait for me! [GRUNTS] Help! Wanna play, you rusty squid? How about ‘pin the stick
on the drobo’? [GRUNTS] [CLANG!] [PANTS] – Awesome.
– Not my first drobo dance. Let’s get out of here. Run! – Pressure’s dropping.
– [BEEPING] Storm’s coming. It’s been too long. We stay
here, we’re shark snacks. Give her another minute, OK? – Come on, Robin.
– [BEEPING] You incompetent idiot! I can take care of
things from here. You think I’m leaving
you in charge? [LAUGHS] But, sir, I… – Just around
this corner, Auntie. You said that three corners ago. Yes! There it is. And you have a key, right? Depends on your
definition of ‘key’. Keep a look out. Uh, come on! [TENSE MUSIC] [BATON ZAPS, CRACKLES] Whoa. Huh? What the…? ‘DNA detected’? DNA detected? Thomas Loxley? But that’s my dad. Whoa. – What is this thing?
– Time to leave, Robin. Please tell me
you’ve got a jetpack or you’ve sent for a hover unit? Yeah, I’ll remember to do that
next time. This time, we jump. Here. Use this air mask. – I can’t.
– You can. There’s a ride down
there, friends. Jump, Auntie! Those guys better be friends. Your turn, Rose. Jump! Stop! Stay where you are! See you. Gah! [THUNDER RUMBLES] She got through security
using Thomas Loxley’s ID. Maybe she hacked up
some temp clearance card or rerouted the, uh… She has the DNA Gauntlet,
you fool. And she can use it! That’s… impossible. Ok, hand it over. I would, but technically
if that door opened because this said it was my dad’s, then as his sole heir,
it belongs to me. A deal’s a deal.
Come on. Give it. [SIGHS] Come on. Hey, leave her alone! Why should we take
orders from a criminal dressed up like some
fancy Upper Cruster? Simmer down. Rose is one of us. No! It won’t come off, and possession is
nine-tenths of the law. So I risked getting turned
into plankton for nothing? No, not for nothing. We want the same thing. – Yeah, we both want that.
– I mean, we want something more than the lies the
Sheriff feeds us. You have some, um,
skills, plus this sub, and together we can- No. No way. – Never.
– Too bad. All that loot sitting
behind locked doors, waiting for Thomas Loxley’s
security clearance to free it. Guess I’ll have
to get it on my own. Ah. She has a point. I’m sick of your incompetence. Find the gauntlet and get the girl back. Are you still alive after all? If you are, I’m gonna find you. ♪ Been on this road, ♪ searching for the unknown. ♪ Feel every ounce
within my soul ♪ is leading me home. ♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh. ♪ I’ll bite into a grenade, ♪ set a fire just
to see your face, ♪ run through a battlefield ♪ without a shield. ♪ I’ll do anything to get you. ♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh,
anything to get to you. ♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh. ♪


Robin Hoodesse fighting Ming the Merciless in the future.

I liked:
-The atmosphere in general
-The Robin Hood's voice actor and character
-Clever and organic use of main character's heritage in the story
-Creepy robots
-Creepy Ming the Merciless

I hated:
-Akward pause moments between dialogues are very bad and slow down everything
-Sometimes animation is very clunky especially when changing camera angles
-Other characters being cutboard just there to support main character. They should develop them more
-Generic villain helper

I would say I am on the fence about this one, could go either way


Будущая Робин? Серьезно? То есть она настолько нежеланный ребенок, что ее назвали мужским имени потому родители хотели мальчика?

Я какое-то время назад смотрела несколько серий три-две может.., но это было на другом аккаунте 😶

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