Sean Lowe’s Proposal Of A Lifetime! | The Bachelor US

it’s so nice to say to the spark between
me and Catherine is undeniable I mean really got it sealed your son she’s very
funny very intelligent she brings out the silly in me and I think that’s a
great thing I’m vegan but I love the beef you’re vegan but you love the beef
we also have the same sense of humor which is a little out there and it’s a
little weird but it’s really refreshing to be with someone who bully gets me and
she understands that I fully get very well I think we complement each other
very well some myself around you we can go through
weird together yeah it feels like we’ve known each other for years and I truly
feel like I’m with my best friend when I’m with Catherine and on top of that we
have this crazy passionate relationship so it’s really the best of both worlds
that’s why I want to be with you is because I know that we can be great I
agree I definitely can picture myself Dean with Catherine for the rest of my
life Sean is the epitome of my prince charming when I look into Sean’s eyes
something visceral happens he just takes my breath away every time I cannot
imagine a more perfect man I feel really good about me too for
years I’ve been excited about finding the person that I could truly call my
great love and that were meant to be together my life
of Shawn be very happy and very playful and I think we would be each other’s
biggest cheerleaders I’m so grateful to have you here and lucky lucky
thinking about Shawn proposing it’s like fireworks or going off in my heart I’m
so excited for that to happen because I want children with him and I want to be
his wife I’m taking all of my heart into this and I’m ready I’m about to dedicate
my life to this wonderful woman and I can’t wait to start our lives together
it is the biggest day of my life I feel a lot in my heart right now I’m nervous
I’m scared I’m excited welcome this has been such a crazy journey and there have
been so many unexpected wonderful moments with you I knew from the very
beginning that you were someone that I wanted to be around I just had no idea
that my feelings were going to turn into what they’ve turned into you never cease
to amaze me you never do
I think the world of you and I miss you every time we have to say goodbye I miss
you I don’t want to say goodbye anymore Devon I want to spend the rest of my
life telling you I love you and making you feel like the most special beautiful
woman in the world Catherine yeah I love you so much oh my gosh this is oh my god I love you
so much I do let me tell you everyday promise you that beautiful
be prepared special night with me I’m so did you see on my so much one
last thing Catherine when you accept my final rose he’s so happy I am so grateful to him
that somebody like you I’ve never been so comfortable about myself and with
somebody ever in my life and you’re absolutely my best friend I
can’t wait I shouldn’t think of you mm-hmm I’m
lucky when I promise are you ready get out here yes come on
oh my god today is the best day of my life
best day oh my gosh and beef that’s been priestly as a young kid thinking about my
engagement I was fixing myself a fish Wow this is beautiful oh my gosh I get
this big kick proposal a lifetime this is the crew
feel alive Bachelor Sean Lowe proposal to Bachelorette Catherine Giudici


This may be the only ones where the guy spoke first then the girl. Normally thE guy will listen as the girl speak then break her heart or propose

One of the best couples from the Bachelor franchise💞 and they are just as adorable now with 2 sweet baby boys🤗

Wow…….such a romantic marriage proposal….the place is just authentic and natural where was this by the way?

I guess for the one person it’s the best show ever. And for the rest of the girls, they now hate the show and his very existence

That’s so weird, the first time I watched his I was young stubborn and bitter about it cause I was rooting for the other chick, but now I’m like wow this is right haha

Thank GOD for this show or Catherine and Sean would have never met. They are the best ever Bachelor show couple!!! Truly in Love and Beautiful together!!! GOD DID THIS FOR THEM!!!!

WOW. This video is so old but they're probably my favorite couple on the bachelor, their connection radiates through this video and catherine is so CUTE LMAO. "I'm so addicted to you! You look so handsome, wow!" HAHAH i die.

Sean and Catherine are the best couple on The Bachelor. Did anyone notice the similarities between Colton and Cassie? Sean/Colton both have the same morals and values. Catherine / Cassie have the same sweet sexy and bubbly personality that their competitors did not have. If Colton and Cassie both continue to work on their relationship then there should not be a reason for them to not make it to the altar just as Sean and Catherine did.

All lovely but HORRIBLE that they have an elephant ride. To have elephant rides the baby elephant is taken and the mother, then the baby and mother scream for days while the baby is beaten and chained until it has all its spirit destroyed and it becomes obedient. As the elephant grows and becomes stronger spike chains are used snd vile hook prods. It is one of the most vile things man does to an animal.

“I love you so much, I do.
I’m going to tell you everyday. I promise you that.”

Omgggg 😍😍😍😍😍😍

The best couple to come out of this show. He’s so humble and loyal and she’s so adorable and quirky. I like that they have the same morals. So cute!

Still one of the BEST proposal in bachelor history. Her reaction, his words of affirmation and Catherine’s cute responses over everything.

I don’t think no bachelor couple will ever top Catherine and Sean they are literally the IT couple ❤️🙏🏼

Catherine's mother was my history teacher my junior year of high school, and friends with my mother. We would constantly talk about the show, and she told us months in advance about Sean proposing to Catherine before it even aired. It was amazing.

Sean lowe, and ashlet herbert the successful bachelors and bachelorette of all time.. they chose the right one..

Love the together. Both seem like good and intelligent people. Of course, both are attractive too. It was nice rewatching this…waterworks 😭.

I always liked her and this was the one season that still gets to me. I liked Sean as the Bachelor as well.
I'm so glad they truly defy the odds and they're still_happily_ married with kids

Oh how I love them may God bless them for many years would like to no how they doing hope the have the girl she's dreaming of

They were just meant for each other. Sean needed someone goofy, and Catherine matches him in every way. And their two boys are perfect.

I bought their season on Amazon prime and already watched it a few times. Now I think I'll watch it again. Such a heart fluttering season. He is the best bachelor.

Usually blonde guys end up with dark haired girls and the dark haired guys only mostly like blonde girls. Just observe.

She never took her eyes away from him and when he said i love you ..i felt it and i am not even Katherine ..GOD continue to bless their union

Why did I cry so much…I watched this season and didn’t think he was gonna choose her but now they will soon have 3 kids and lasted this long.Their forever is ongoing

I’m on my period and looked up this video bc I’m hormonal and I started crying the second she stepped out of the limo

She’s so beautiful and adorable!!!! They make a great couple. She’s a great catch and they have a beautiful family. I remember hearing that He prayed and asked God for guidance on his decision and he truly lead him to his soulmate!!!!I wish them the best of luck!!!!!!!

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