Science Fair of the Future – GEICO Insurance

I can’t believe it. That Sophie opened up a
wormhole through time? (Speaking Japanese) Where am I? (Woman Speaking French)
Are you crazy/nuts? Cyclist: Pip! Pip! (Woman Speaking French)
I’m here, look at me. It’s
completely your fault. (Man Speaking French)
OK? It’s me. It’s my fault? No, I can’t believe how
easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on
my car insurance with GEICO. (Pterodactyl screech) Believe it. GEICO could save you 15% or more
on car insurance.


Gieco: A time machine ha that's nothing
Me: your saying you can top a time machine
Gieco: in my sleep
Me: ok topit
Gieco: look at your your phone
Me: OMG I saved 20 on car thanks
Me: guess I was wrong you can top a time machine

I can’t believe that I’m being charged more than $200 this year comparing to last despite not a single accident or claim. Now that beats the greatest mystery of the universe. Period.

Random Citizen: I can't believe it.
Geico user: That we're still doing this running gag?
Citizen being held at knifepoint by gecko: …no

Geico ads are the best. Sometimes when a commercial pops up I just sigh in relief because if it's a Geico ad, at least it'll be entertaining.

I remember a ad where there was this spaceship and when it passed through the screen and it left a trail beam thingy it said geico and kinda pixel text

obviously they weren't impressed because she was faking the time machine – the pterodactyl didn't have feathers 😐 Saving money on car insurance is waaay more interesting than a fake "time machine"

I love this commercial, I have a background in theoretical physics and wormholes that allow time travel to the future and the past are theoretically a real possibility. Steven Hawking wrote papers about it, though the wormhole idea started with Kip Thorne of Caltech, though it goes back to Einstein. I understand all the methods of time travel within relativity and quantum physics, it is not as complicated as you would think, though you need a very good understanding of the special theory of relativity to understand the fundamental physics of time travel to the past.
The engineering is another matter though, it's too difficult to construct and the laws of physics might not allow wormholes to be stable, but it is still a very open question.

(Me) Whats That?

(Android Comes Out Of Portal) I Am From The Year 2099 … And I Was In There For Days Were Is The Bathroom?

This commercial executes so much better if when he says "I can't believe it", he is holding his phone, seemingly as if taking a picture of the wormhole, but we ultimately see that he was simply looking at the Geico quote on his phone" Am I being nit-picky? Maybe. Am I 100% right? Unquestionably.

Every Geico ad ever:
Person: I can’t believe it.
Other person: What, that [amazing, weird, etc thing]?
Person: No, I can’t believe how easy it was to save with Geico.
Narrator: GEiCO. bEliEVE it.

One day we will have clean pwr to open up a wormhole….this is just history repeating itself once we do….cuz it's been done b4 from more advanced race of beings…we will just be coming full circle w/it all…2 become star travelers aswell…

What is the lady saying is it french,
What is she saying,
Is it something about geico in her language.
Somebody let us all know what she is saying.

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