Jennifer is trying to be her own attorney alone beside Mull. If she didn't kill that sweet little girl she wouldn't be in this situation. They messed up her own life. I bet her and Mull are butting heads. They are making themselves look even more ridiculous. Jennifer thought she was above the law. I bet at one time there were people looking up to her now people are trashing her as a child murderer.

She is pushing so hard for mis trial because she KNOWS Jennifer is guilty! I wish they would just hurry up and come out with the guilty verdict already!!

Why is this Jury struggling?? How could they look at the injuries on that poor child and not have convicted these two devils😡

Wow talk about desperation for Mull. Does she think a mistrial is really going to help her clients? Maybe Jennifer is trying to get pregnant to gain sympathy from the jury? That women has no shame at all.

The media actually has it right in this case… Everyone is just calling it what it really is…She is a child abuser and baby killer… And that's MY opinion from just following the case as a juror has.

Rather telling the AJC has not made their reporter's deliberate act a news story on their own page! She should be fired. I do not think the juror told her anything as he immediately reported it. His version has not changed. What reporter would "walk away first"….riiiight. This was an attempt to get information first and likely at the defense's request. If jurors cannot have phones and have to be sequestered, so should the defendant's.
The judge handled this appropriately and replaced juror out of an abundance of caution to refute grounds for an appeal.

The defense lawyer is doing her job. We will get justice but we have to do it right. I'm black and the trick to reform and justice is you dot your i's and cross your t's because the world is watching. Have faith. Jenn ain't getting away with shit. Lay Lay probably haunts her dreams.

“I never opened my mouth”…B.S.!!!! How convenient…. 🙄. Man-o-man I I’m really getting tired of the everyday media blasts every time I pick up my phone to call my mother…Damn that Facebook!! Ms. Mull needs a intensive course in how a smart phone works…

Got to give her a ⭐️ for shenanigans for her client though.

Why don’t they put reporter Stevens under oath on the stand!!!!!!!!!!!! What reporter just walks away 🤬

So does she want the whole world to just stay inside and not get on social media, not watch the news, not use any electronics, and not speak to anybody about this case until it's over? She has lost her mind. She wants everybody to shut up about it because she's sinking. I bet if it was going her way she wouldn't care about who talks about it. She knows the public is going to express their feelings.

So let me get this right…the jury isn’t allowed to have phones or information. But Jennifer has a laptop at her disposal and availability to research anything SHE needs…that’s sad.

Mull makes me want to vomit….she needs to be in jail next to jen. For lying in court….and conspiracy to get others to lie in court….

So is this old bag suggesting we go back to the dark ages because news is more readily and available faster with that blasted thing called the internet. You cannot keep the press from reporting you old crow because it is their constitutional rights. Freedom of the press. The second they became criminals and the taxpayers having to pay for the cost of the trial, investigated for said crime, and possible prison time makes it everyone's business. So you tell the sneaky, no morals bitty to sit down and shut up.

I wish the texts between the Rosenbaums would be made public. I heard they are damning, which is why the defense fought so hard to keep them out. Why would the "innocenct Rosenbaums" be afraid of these texts if this was an accident? Very telling indeed. Guilty 49 times X's 2.

My God….Stop your whining over the media …there is a little girl Dead here and one alive that deserves justice for her little sister… Screw a mistrial and get in with Locking them Both up for eternity

Jennifer thinks she is going to get off and is so worried about what people are going to think of her. Don't worry sweetheart you will never be able to recover the life you had before and you will be lucky if you ever walk the streets a free woman after what you did. We know you are NOT INNOCENT no matter how much you lie.

Lol…Mull pulled out the 60's to get a mistrial, that is funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…Got to find something in the new world Mull Lol…

They will do anything to try and get a mistrial so they don't have to answer for their actions, I have viewed the whole trial and these defendants looked like they were going to be going to jail for a long time. So they need to try and do something. (Writer is from Australia).

Jennifer is trying to get a mistrial not only is she watching the live in court but she gets to go home and read and watch everything. so what about the media its not going to effect the jury. they already know everything. i have seen alot of protests outside a court with alot of people and never got a Mistral.

Give me a break defense. Give it up!! I can not wait till they are found guilty on all or MOST of the charges!!!!!!!!!! My justice prevail

It is the people’s right to know what goes on in the court room. Jodi arias and many others have been covered during their cases. It has been happening for so long. This women is nonsense.

Justice for Laila is a closed FB group. It is not available for all too see. Your clutching as straws now Mull.

It’s weird but I almost feel like Ms Mull was bullying everyone in court and out of court! Even Google! Strangest argument I’ve ever heard!

Omg! This is a joke. Mull now believes they can dictate what the free public and the media has to say about the Rosenbaums. I know this is not her first trial. The media has been rather low on this trial compared to some other bigger trials like O.J., Aries , Anthony etc. Mr. Chase sims it up perfectly, Mull is grasping at straws. And we all know that it is actually Jennifer going on line and trying to find as much as she can. Lets take Jennifer's access to the internet away it will solve a ton of this pretty b.s.
Hey Jennifer and Joseph, get used to it people do not like you. You mercilessly beat a tiny innocent baby girl until her body could not take it any longer, resulting in her death.

The jurors know what has happened in the court room they have seen everything that will make up there minds. They know they are not to watch tv, read the paper and on mobile device. What they have seen an heard in the court room is what they will base their verdict on.

the rosembaums take notes & then look up at who ever is speaking with official looks on their faces, then go through paper work, LISTEN Girly" It's YOU & YOUR HUSBAND ON TRIAL HERE!!!! OH, I must make you 100% correct JENitter, You were spot on with your comments!!! KARMA Is a bitch & Its heading right your way,like a hurricane & when it scoops you up' Its going to be a journy of a life time,not knowing where its going or what your going to be smashed into next, JUST LIKE BABY LAILA WHEN YOU WERE TORTURING HER.yeah KARMA is a bitch. I hope Millie' Tessa' & nanny visit you in prison & give you ONE LARGE CHICKEN NUGGET & the biggest smile you ever saw in yr life before turning their backs on you as they head towards freedom, ready for healing & loving life once again. OH JEN' your prob find yrself taking some heavy drugs in prison (Its rife) so easy too when you have nothing left in life, BANG before u no it, Yr hooked n running wiv the rats in there, they will muller you' hay" if it gets to that stage "were you cant fight the pain, u pay money money for more drugs but get beat instead' u look around for help but fear runs on max, COZ NO ONE SAW U GET BEAT & no one listens when you try telling them u r beat every day & try showing CUTS' BRUISES'AN EAR LOBE BITTEN TWO OF YR TOES ARE GONE & YR SHOULDER BLADE BROKE,, tatata bloody hell JENitter' yr gonna feel hopeless too when the word is out that Joe's been beaten to death & its documented "suiside"OH shit,yr on ya own now JEN "you aint got NO ONE OR NOTHING ' LIKE LAILA!!!!! tatata that KARMA really aint funny now, Is it JEN ? . It was the the most painfull 3 months of Lailas life, absolutely petrifying torture untill GOD had no choice, GOD came & gently took Laila & placed her in his beautiful garden to be loved for ever & ever xxxxxxx……………. & FOR YOU ? "who knows"

Wah wah wah Mull sounds like my three sons when they tried to blame each other for eating what was left of the ice cream 🤷‍♀️ I mean honestly stop sounding like a spoiled teenager who didn’t get her way! This is ridiculous! There is waaaay too much evidence stacked up against J&J. Let’s just get on with it for Gods sake! (& more importantly for Laila’s sake)

U can tell he's not really interested in what def lawyer saying. The judge knows the media are going to talk. The one that's looking up everything on the computer is Jennifer & def lawyer to see what they can use. As the prosecutor said they're drawing at straws

I noticed proscutors don't take all the papers from def lawyer the ones they do take defense doesn't give the prosecutor time to read it & takes away. The proscutors already proved Laila didn't choke on a chicken bone so media has it right the defense & Jennifer are living in a dream world thinking they can push that Laila died on a chicken bone

I thought if someone checks to see what someone is charged with it is open to public. A police officer comes to court with a sticker with justice for Laila when off duty he's a loud. A deputy is printing out the stickers for justice for Laila. News can say what they want freedom of the press. This def lawyer is worried of losing this court. Specially if a deputy is wearing a sticker justice for Laila. The sticker doesn't say Jennifer & Joseph are guilty justice for Laila

That reporter's name and face should be plastered all over news media and Facebook so we can all see who this dumbass is that would be the perfect karma

Who is the police officer they are speaking of??? That’s bs also! No body should be allowed to be in the courtroom and then speak on what’s happening until it’s over! The officer and the reporter both know better does sound fishy to me!

⚖️ Isn’t it true that we can not put a 6yr old child back up on the stand. We can’t do that again Your Honour. ⚖️

That imbecile Stevens needs to do some jail time and be fired for almost prolonging the agony and justice of the victims in this heinous case, and also risking that the Rosenbaum monsters spend another day free.

The defendant was not looking at FB on her laptop, I blew the photo up and it appears to be either a state law code or court rules but for sure not FB. She is allowed to have the computer as she is only charged with the crime not yet convicted and she has a right to defend herself if she chose to, but for sure she has a right to aide her attorney in defending her by researching codes and cannons.

The defense attorney was doing her job as their legal council regardless of what my personal perception of her client's guilt is, and the media was out line if they were communicating with the jury at all. Whether we like it or not, the defendant is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

I agree that the evidence in this case led me to believe they are guilty but until the jury submits their final verdict, it is the duty of the officers of the court (judge, prosecution, defense attorney, bailiff, court reporter and anyone on the courts payroll) to ensure a defendant has a fair trial and that nothing will jeopardize that, not even the media. That means that everyone must respect the court rules and media has to be very careful with how biased they appear, even though it makes for sensational headlines. News reports or stories are easily accessible to an unsequestered jury and t has the potential to sway a juror if they see the news reporting biased opinions. The jury should not talk about, be reading about or watching anything related to this case when not in deliberations. If the public is so concerned about knowing what is going on with the case, go to the court as a public observer of our judicial system in action-it is your right to sit there during a trial, but the media does not have a right to make biased statements and if they can't refrain from that maybe we should reconsider their presence in the court during trials like this and just watch it on Youtube from the courts cctv.

Whether or not the defense attorney believes her client is guilty, it is her obligation to ensure that her client's Constitutional rights are protected and the laws of the State are followed while she is their legal council. The time to slay the defendants are after the guilty verdict is read…and I'd be the first one up to bat if I was that baby's mama.

The judge is shocked that def attorney is asking for a mistrial. Thank u judge for saying no the monsters need prison

Can never hear what the Judge is saying. His mic is so low or his voice is. Have to read comments to understand contex.

All these trials are televised? Covered extensively by media! Didn’t stop KC Anthony from getting off!! What’s her point? Sounds like Jennifer is after special treatment again!!!

Hey girl ur looking at 1966 we have come a long way since then the CAS & courts were different back then I know from experience

This entire trial Mull has tried to blame everyone for the bruises and broken bones on those babies. She’s a disgusting disgrace! She knows she is defending evil demons who are completely guilty. She’s grasping at any shred of hope to get her clients off. And it’s pathetic. I’m so proud of this judge for not falling for her garbage. Let them rot in prison. I hope they are constantly mentally & physically tortured everyday of their pathetic life in prison then even worse once they’re in hell where they belong.

Unbelievable clutching at straws trying to get a mistrial, would you feel the same if this was your Grandaughter’s that had been murdered by these animals you area disgrace to your profession, and thankfully it has been shown what a shocking person you are , hope you suffer the way these poor girls suffered

To me it's a setup def & Jennifer is behind it. Jennifer has a computer in front of her I figure she the one leaking to the social media cuz she has done stuff on social media before DA's office at one time when she was training was given a choice between training or social media she would have to leave the DA's office

Mull knows she not going to win the case so trying for a mistrial 😂 I don't think she likes to lose plus I imagine Joseph's family is leaning on her to get them off . Mull could be in trouble if it's proven her & Jennifer set this up is Jennifer and Joseph worth losing her license to practice as a lawyer

U can tell proscutor & judge are annoyed withe defenses BS. The deputy when out of uniform can freedom to wear justice for Laila tag

How does she know jurors are see things on their phone in jury box unless she knows who's sending it (Jennifer) from the computer on the desk which I didn't think defense were allowed to have

The prosecutor is working much harder than Mull. She sees things in black and white. She knows the law and what she can do, but she lacks passion and is a bargain bin lawyer defender a child murderer. Prosecution deserves an award for this trial.

😪 soooow classic…. hey, Defender of universe… u knew more then media, the persons that u defend has an evils heart😑

Man, Mull has been seriously reaching for paper-thin arguments this entire case, & now that she lost, she's suddenly trying to pull a mistrial out of her ass? Seriously? SMH. So glad this was a good judge who didn't buy into her garbage, though he did later reprimand the journalist for even speaking to jurors. I do agree the media should watch how they conduct themselves during a trial because they could cost justice for victims & their families with their actions. But in this case, justice was appropriately served, & the jurors used the factual evidence presented in court to make their decision, not what the media published. Funny how Mull's favorite objection is "hearsay" yet she's the worst perpetrator of hearsay, lol. Trying to trick witnesses into hearsay statements only when they supported HER own case, & then in this video committing hearsay herself by saying "I was told something different" than what the journalist told the prosecutor, & the juror, conveniently. Of course Mull, EVERYONE is a liar except you & your clients. The witnesses, the prosecutors, even the media AND the jurors, lol. You can't call for a complete mistrial just there's media news online without being able to PROVE the jury even saw it. People can & will say whatever they want in their own opinions in the news, & that doesn't in any way mean that the jury & entire trial was tainted, like she keeps saying. Again, Mull keeps stuttering, stumbling over her words, & heavily sighing, all indications of lying & desperation. I love the prosecutions rebuttal, lol

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