Road To Legacy | Episode 301

The greatest opportunity that will ever come
is never going to come while you’re waiting. What do I mean by that? I mean, you have to excel where you are. You have to excel while you wait for that
opportunity to come. I couldn’t find something to plug that hard
work ethic into that would generate what I was looking to generate. And like I literally was there three and a
half years. But what I found was that opportunity was
never ever, ever going to come while I was still just sitting around waiting. And so the job that I had at the time and
then the job that I went into, like you can’t you can’t be living this mediocre lifestyle. Putting in half effort where you are now even
if you hate it. Like even if you hate your job 100% I promise
you, you’ll find a better one. And you’ll find the one that was meant for
you if you excel in what you hate, rather than, rather than so many people that just
say, Oh, well, you know, once the greatest opportunity arises, or once I figure out what
I was meant to do, or once this opportunity of a lifetime comes, then I’ll go all in. You’ve heard the phrase, it’s it’s easiest
to find a job when you have one. It’s what it means. It means while you’re while you’re trying
to figure out what you’re most passionate about, put an insane amount of work ethic
into what you’re doing currently. It depends on whether or not that thing that
you’re doing, you’re actually talented and good at. Because like if you’re talented at something
and like what you’re producing is like high quality but it’s not necessarily like you
know, your passion it’s a whole lot easier to go all in on that thing in the meantime. When what you’re doing isn’t that great and
it’s not your passion it’s literally just like, this is my job right now. I’m going to do it. Not that great at it. I don’t like doing it. Well, that’s a whole other story. Figuring out what you were born to do is not
easy. There’s so much confusion out there so much
noise, conflicting opinions on passion, purpose, potential. No wonder we’re so lost. I’d like to offer you a new perspective as
we close today. God given. It means possessed without question, as if
by divine authority. In a world full of distraction, confusion
and certainty, how would it feel to possess without question? Confident, hopeful, secure. So what is God given? Your gifts. And when you’re operating out of those gifts,
people can see that because it comes out through the work. And it’s going all in on those things like
like, this may not be what I like to do. It may not be what I want to be filming right
now. But I have a God given gift to film and to
create these videos, and I’m going to do them to the absolute best of my ability until the
right opportunity to film what I really want you know comes along. I challenge you today to start viewing your
world through this progression: gifts, purpose, potential, and passion. Only when you operate out of your gifts will
you realize your purpose in life. Remember, they’re possessed without question.

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